Can You Change the Ring Doorbell Sound Outside?

Unfortunately for Ring Doorbell users, it is not possible to change the Ring Doorbell sound outside. However, you can turn off the sound entirely or use alternative methods to lower the volume or change the chime to avoid annoyance. 

Outdoor Ring Doorbell Sound Switch

Imagine when you visit someone’s home and ring their doorbell, a loud chime sounds back at you. Seems strange? Ring uses this unconventional approach with both the hardwired Ring doorbells and even the Ring doorbells you install on the door.

While the chime can help outsiders know that the bell is working as it should, there aren’t too many situations where this playback sound can be useful.

Not only can this sound be confusing, but also annoying and loud. Hence, you may want to find a way to disable this chime.

Want to know how you can change your Ring Doorbell chime? I’ll guide you through different methods that you can take a look at.

So, how does one change the Ring Doorbell sound? Although Ring does not offer the ability to change the sound that plays back to the visitor when they ring your doorbell, you can disable the sound altogether.

Once disabled, you can then use other methods to change the sound to something more pleasant.

While there are several methods that users can use to change the outdoor bell sound, using a Ring Chime is the most convenient option.

Want to know more? Read on to find out!

Can You Change The Sound Of The Ring Doorbell Outside?

Can You Change The Sound Of The Ring Doorbell Outside

Officially, Ring does not offer its users the feature to change the outdoor bell sound, even for the ones subscribed to Ring.

Even as late as 2019, Ring did not announce any plans to update their system to include this feature, despite several users’ requests.

Having the same outdoor bell noise can be confusing when you stay in close quarters with others, such as those living in a condo.

When you hear the outdoor sound, you are prompted to take your phone out to check the Ring notifications. You can actually Turn Off Ring Notifications.

Hence, to avoid much confusion, you want to change the outdoor bell noise.

While officially it is unable to do so, you can use other methods to mitigate this problem.

It is essential to keep in mind that you will first need to disable the outdoor bell noise altogether for any method to work.

In the next section, you can find out how you can disable or reduce your outdoor bell volume.

What if You Don’t Want Ring Doorbell to Produce a Sound When Someone Rings the Doorbell?

Understandably, you may want to turn off the outdoor bell sound of your Ring doorbell.

The sound can be jarring and may seem like an unnecessary feature to many.

To turn off the sound, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Ring app on your phone.
  2. Select the Ring Doorbell device.
  3. You will find a list of options. Select “Configuration Options.”
  4. Once you do so, you will find a slide for “Doorbell Tone Volume.”
  5. Use the slider to lower the outdoor bell sound volume, or you can turn it down to zero to ensure that no sound is produced when someone rings your doorbell.

What Is The Best Way To Change The Ring Doorbell Chime Sound?

What Is The Best Way To Change The Ring Doorbell Chime Sound

Since there is no official method to this, I’ve found a way to get around this problem.

You can either use your outdoor bell socket, an Echo device, or a Ring Chime to change the outdoor bell sound.

Out of these methods, I found that using the Ring Chime is the most convenient.

You can use the Ring Chime to download various tones from the Ring Tones Library and set it up so that a specific chime plays outside. 

Using the Ring Chime to Change the Outdoor Chime Sound

A Ring Chime is a device that acts as a speaker for your Ring devices. You can set up a Ring Chime wherever you please, whether inside your home or outside.

With the Ring Chime, you have the option to download and play various chimes that you can select from a tone’s library.

Hence, it helps you personalize your Ring devices.

Thus, the ring chime device is quite useful when you want to change the outdoor chime sound for your Ring Doorbell.

Using the Ring Chime is quite convenient and easy. It does not require any complicated steps.

However, to use the Ring Chime, you need to have an outdoor socket where you can plug in the Ring Chime, which can be inconvenient for those who may not have an outdoor socket installed.

Additionally, you need to ensure that the socket is in a shaded area and not too conspicuous so that your Ring Chime is not stolen.

Once you have installed the Ring Chime device, you can select a tone of your choice from the Chime tones library.

To do so, you need to:

  1. Open the Ring App from your smartphone.
  2. Select the Ring Chime Device.
  3. Select the Chime Tones option, where you will be redirected to a list of available tones.
  4. You can play each tone to select one which you prefer.
  5. Using the Volume Slider button, you can adjust the sound level accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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How do I change my primary ring doorbell?

Ring offers various tones and chimes so that you have a different option to choose from to change your primary doorbell sound. Here are the steps you need to follow:
Start the Ring App.
Click on the three horizontal lines on the top left corner of the page.
Select the Ring Doorbell option under Devices, which appears on the pop-out menu.
Select the Chime Tones option.
The following page contains a list of sounds that you can choose from. A Test Sound option is also present to test out the different sounds before you select one which you like the best. 
When you select the Devices option in the Ring App and head to the Ring Doorbell menu, you will also find an option labeled Ringtone Settings.
Under this option, there are two primary tabs, Rings and Motions. 
The Ring option lets you customize your notification sound, that is, the sound that will play whenever someone rings your doorbell.
After you have tested the different chime sounds to select the one you like, ensure that you have set it to an appropriate volume level. 
The Motion option allows you to customize the notification sound set off by Ring’s motion sensor.
Setting different ringtones for someone ringing your bell and the motion sensor can be extremely useful if you do not want to keep checking your phone every time some leaves a package on your door.
Follow the steps mentioned above to customize your motion sensor notification sounds, not to need to keep checking your phone as often.
As mentioned earlier, if you own a Ring Chime, you can download more Chime Tones and select one to set as your custom Ring and Motion sound.

Does the ring doorbell make a sound?

Yes, the Ring doorbell makes a sound when someone presses the Ring doorbell. A notification sound chime on your phone to let you know that someone is outside the door.
Regardless of where a person is in the house, or even if you are outside, the Ring app will send you a notification when someone rings your doorbell or is in front of your home.
Not only does the Ring Doorbell send a notification, but it also produces a chiming sound outside the house.
Hence, it helps visitors who ring your doorbell know that you have received a notification on your Ring app.

How do you turn the ring doorbell volume down?

The Ring doorbell sound can be extremely loud and unpleasant.
Fortunately, you can lower the volume level to ensure that you and your guests are not caught off-guard by the loud chiming.
To reduce the ring doorbell volume here is what you can do:
Open the Ring app on your phone.
Select the Ring Doorbell device.
There will be a selection of alternatives available to you. Select “Configuration Options.”
Once you do so, you will find a slide for “Doorbell Tone Volume.”
Use the slider to lower the volume of the outdoor bell sound, and adjust the volume slider until it is at a volume that you are okay with.
The volume of the outdoor chime tone and the notifications that appear on your phone can both be adjusted. 


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