How to Fix: Remote for DirecTV Not Working? (2023)

How to Fix DirecTV Remote Not Working

College students and I live together in a dorm. Every room at our establishment has a DirecTV subscription. There is just one remote control in the flat, even though several screens have been installed throughout the years. DirecTV has worked well with our setup since it is compatible with every control.

Until very recently, the remote control did not operate. When you have to rely on a single source of entertainment all the time, your enjoyment might rapidly become stale. There are no concerns with the Directv genie remote, which is wonderful since it has a state-of-the-art design.

In the event that you’re seeing anything of the such, you may want first to investigate if the remote is being blocked by something nearby.

When the Directv remote isn’t functioning, it’s likely because it’s blocked from communicating with the receiver by anything nearby. There may be a barrier between the remote and receiver, making it difficult to operate.

In addition, if you are confident there are no items between the receiver and the remote, you should check the remote’s batteries. It’s possible that your DIRECTV remote is not functioning because of a problem with the battery, even though we know this is a beginner error you are above making.

When our movie night last week was spoiled because the remote stopped functioning, I sat down and did considerable research on how and when the remote may go wrong and the best methods to diagnose and repair it.

Remove any things that could be obstructing the signal from the DirecTV remote, then replace the batteries, and lastly, reset both your remote and the receiver if the remote isn’t functioning. A new DirecTV remote is necessary if none of these remedies work.

Check Battery Health 

These universal remotes include built-in battery level indicators. Hold down button one and watch to see whether the green LED on top of the remote blinks. A steady glow shows battery life. If it blinks, the batteries are dwindling, but they are still sufficient. Ensure that the 2 AA batteries are in good condition by replacing them.

Press any button and check what light comes out of the receiver to test the batteries. The remote features a built-in feature that makes it easy to monitor how much battery life you have left.

This indicates that your batteries are in good condition, and you may go to the next phase of troubleshooting. If you see a flickering green light, your batteries are still useful and in good condition, but they may be close to needing a replacement. Battery replacement is necessary if your flashlight is dim or doesn’t flicker at all.

While the Directv remote can seem like a high-tech gadget, it includes an easy-to-use battery change function. You don’t need to do anything more than remove the back panel and remove the batteries.

If you just got a new remote and need help figuring out how to use it, you may hold down the enter key for three seconds to bring up the help menu. This should bring up a menu on your TV referred to as a source menu.

DirecTV’s input receiver must be selected at this stage in the setup process. The HDMI 1 satellite receiver is the name of the input that you will need to utilize later on. Switching between inputs is made easier using this method.

Reset The Remote & The Receiver

Test to check whether restarting the receiver, marked with a red button, has fixed things by pressing it.

The following procedures may be used to reset the remote.

  • Press both the MUTE and SELECT buttons at once to silence the sound.
  • Wait for the green light to blink twice on the switch.
  • Then, dial 9 8 1. You should be able to count four green flashes.
  • To see whether the remote has begun operating, hit LIST, GUIDE, or MENU on your remote.

Resetting the remote control through the TV’s settings is another option. To achieve this, perform the following steps:

  • Select SETTINGS & HELP from the MENU.
  • Select SETTINGS and then REMOTE CONTROL from the drop-down menu.
  • The RESET REMOTE option should be shown here.

When it’s highlighted, press the remote to test whether it works.

Clean Your Remote

Dust in the remote may interfere with the keys’ ability to deliver the proper signal. The remote may be fixed by just cleaning it. Wipe the receiver’s front panel clean with a delicate linen-based cloth. It would be best if you were at least 4 feet away from it to utilize it.

What is The DirecTV Remote Model?

Remote for DirecTV Not Working

DirecTV Universal Remote

You may use this remote with any DirecTV receiver that supports this remote. In addition, owing to its vast universal code, it is compatible with a wide range of audio and video devices.

DirecTV Genie Remote

This new remote, which works with all Genie devices in RF mode, maybe configured without requiring line of sight. However, in IR mode, they may be used with different receivers.

Check for Stuck Buttons

If one of the buttons on the remote is stuck in the pushed position, the device may not function properly. In order to fix this:

  1. Make sure that DirecTV is selected first in the remote’s mode selection menu.
  2. Run your fingertips over all of the buttons to see if they’re stuck.
  3. Try using the remote again.

Change Mode on The Remote

Changing the remote’s modes is an important first step in resolving the problem. It is possible to alter the remote’s mode by pressing the MENU button; after choosing Settings, choose Remote Control.

The IR/RF SETUP should be one of the accessible choices. Select this option and change the controller’s mode. Press CONTINUE and EXIT to continue and exit the program. Use the remote again. To use the Genie remote, you must use RF, and to use the universal remote, you must use IR.

Use The DirecTV App as an Alternative

The DirecTV App may be used to control your system if none of the above methods work. Install the DirecTV app from the app store. Tap on BROWSE FOR TV, and a remote control symbol should show in the upper right area after the software has been installed.

Select the Receiver Pair or Connect option by tapping that symbol. Follow the on-screen instructions from there to finish the installation.

Replace The Remote

After exhausting all other possibilities, it may be time to get a new remote control within 7 a.m. and 12 a.m. ET, you may place a purchase online at the ATT store or by using the live chat option, which is accessible between those hours. Calling their direct helpline is also an option if the other options don’t work for you.

DirecTV and AT&T each have their own websites where you may buy, as well as the myAT&T mobile app.

A More Hands-On Fix

I hope this has provided you with enough information to assist you in solving your remote’s issue. Before buying a new remote control, go through these instructions one more time. If you’d want to give the remote repair a go, here are the measures to take.

Remove the battery cover, batteries, and any screws that are attached to it.

  • To remove the panel’s top, pry it off using the buttons on its sides.
  • The panel and buttons may be cleaned with a gentle cloth.
  • Use pencil lead powder on the back of each button to ensure that they are properly lubricated and linked to the remote’s green board.
  • Reassemble the items and run a test to ensure everything is operating properly.

Additionally, you can extend the life of your remote control by doing easy maintenance procedures like cleaning it regularly and monitoring its battery level.

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How do I reset my DirecTV remote control?

Press both the MUTE and SELECT buttons at once to silence the sound. Wait for the green light to blink twice on the switch. Then, dial 9 8 1. You should be able to count four green flashes. To see whether the remote has begun operating, hit LIST, GUIDE, or MENU on your remote.

How do I get the volume to work on my DirecTV remote?

If the volume buttons don’t function, check the remote’s batteries, reconnect them to the receiver, and try changing modes (e.g., moving from one to the other).
Make sure the remote is set up correctly before trying this again. Make sure the volume buttons are functioning before continuing.

How do I reconnect my Directv remote to my box?

Click MENU, then SETTINGS, then finally REMOTE CONTROL from the Settings menu. IR/RF Setup may be found in the remote’s menu. If the mode is set to RF, switch it to IR. Press CONTINUE and EXIT to continue and exit the program.

How do you pair a remote to a TV?:

For further information on parental controls, click Parental Favs and Setup, then pick System Setup, then select Remote or Remote Control from the pop-up menu that appears. The Program Remote option should now be visible.
First, choose the device you want to program if it isn’t already listed. Once you have the 5-digit code, follow the instructions given to you.

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