How To Fix Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue?

Featuring a simple setup process, high-quality live video and audio streaming, and interoperability with home automation systems, the Ring Doorbell is one of the finest smart doorbells available on the market and also The Ring Doorbell is one of the best smart doorbells on the market, thanks to its easy setup, high-quality live video, and audio streaming, and compatibility with home automation systems.

However, for those who are new to Ring Doorbell, it might seem practically difficult to figure out what your Doorbell is saying to you, as was the case for me when I first started using it. When you first start using your Doorbell, it may seem almost impossible to figure out what it’s saying.

Different patterns on your Ring Doorbell might signify a variety of different things. I was first perplexed by the blue light that flashed on it at the beginning of the video.

However, as a result of various difficulties, such as live view not functioning, I’ve had to dabble in Ring doorbell maintenance on several occasions, including when I created a tutorial on how to mount them to a door frame.

So you can put your faith in me when I tell you that the reason for your Ring doorbell flashing blue has a very simple explanation and that it also has an equally simpler solution.

Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue: How To Fix In Minutes

Why Is Your Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue?

All of the information you need regarding the status of your Ring Doorbell is shown on a blue LED on the device itself.

There are many distinct blues and white patterns that it may flash in, and each pattern can communicate a different message.

For your Ring Doorbell to function properly, it is critical that you understand the numerous messages that may be sent via its light.

Ring Blue Light Flashing During Setup

Most of the time, while the Ring Doorbell is configuring itself, it will just spin and not flash. To signify that your Doorbell is attempting to connect to your home WiFi network, the LED light flashes in a blue pattern that travels higher when the Doorbell is pressed.

If you input the erroneous password on the Ring app during setup, the top half of the blue light will blink, indicating that you must re-enter the password in order to finish the installation.

As soon as the setup is complete, the light will flash blue four times and then show a white circle, indicating that the device is ready for use.

Ascertain that your Doorbell has a consistent and robust WiFi connection before using it. If you do not, you may experience a pause in its operation.

Ring Blue Light Flashing At Random Times

After the setup is complete, if you see your Ring Doorbell blinking blue at one-second intervals at any point throughout the process, it implies that your Doorbell is rebooting.

This occurs anytime the power to your Doorbell is interrupted or when it gets an automated firmware upgrade.

When the Doorbell continues to flash consistently, all that is required is for you to wait and let your Ring Doorbell reboot. It is possible that this activity may take a few minutes.

It is usual for Ring Doorbells to need a reboot every now and then. The fact that this is often happening, though, may indicate a concern.

Make sure you charge your Ring Doorbell battery on a regular basis in order to avoid this from happening.

In the case of hardwired doorbells, make certain that the wires are in good condition and that they are securely attached.

Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue While Charging

Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue While Charging

The pattern of blue lights that appear on your Ring Doorbell while charging depends on the model you have.

If you have a Ring Doorbell from the first or second generation, you may charge its battery by putting the charging cord straight into a port located behind the Doorbell.

The Doorbell is presently charging, as shown by the blue LED flickering on and off.

The circle light fills up to signify that the battery’s life has been extended. As soon as the battery is completely charged, the light changes to a solid blue color.

Other battery-operated Ring Doorbell versions include detachable batteries that may be recharged using a standard USB charger.

When you remove the doorbell batteries, the lights go off, and they only come back on when the batteries are reinstalled again.

Despite the fact that the Ring Doorbell Pro is a hardwired device, it still requires charging for many hours after it has been set up for the first time.

When the device is first turned on, the charging process starts automatically, with the top half of the LED flickering blue. Once the battery has been fully charged, the light turns off.

Even if your Doorbell has just been recharged, the Ring app’s battery may report that it is running low on power at times.

Give the Doorbell a few test rings in such instance to ensure that the app displays the right battery level.

This is possible since the battery measurement inside the app is updated each time you push and ring the doorbell button, which is how it works.

Ring Chime Flashing Blue Light

The blue light on the Ring Chime serves the same purpose as the blue light on the Ring Doorbell: it informs you of the device’s condition.

Having a steady blue light shows that the Chime is operating properly; having no light suggests it is not getting any power, and having a flickering blue light indicates another problem with the gadget.

Depending on what the blue light indicates, it might represent one of four things:

  • The gadget is in the process of being configured.
  • The gadget is reloading its settings.
  • The device is now attempting to reconnect to the WiFi network.
  • The device is now undergoing an automated update installation.

Ring Camera Flashing Blue And White

A factory reset is being performed on the Ring Doorbell when the blue and white LEDs on the Doorbell begin to blink simultaneously.

This may be seen when you do a factory reset from your phone. However if you continue to see this identical sequence even after performing a factory reset, the Doorbell may have been trapped in a reset cycle.

At that time, getting in touch with Ring support would be the best plan of action.

When you turn on the Doorbell for the first time, you will witness another blue and white sequence, but this time with four individual LEDs.

This means that the setup method you followed was successful; nevertheless, it may take up to an hour for the computer to completely power up before it is fully functional.

Ring Doorbell Light Spinning

When the Doorbell is trying to establish a WiFi connection, and there are no stored credentials in the Doorbell, the spinning white light will display. As long as this is the case, Ring will be unable to connect to the network.

Since the status light will turn off after 10 minutes if you are unable to connect to the WiFi network, there is nothing you can do to resolve the situation.

The fact that the Doorbell is not connecting to the WiFi may be a source of anxiety; however, the solution is rather basic.

Troubleshooting Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue

The blue light on your Ring Doorbell is flashing, which indicates that your device is charging.

When the battery is completely charged, it should switch off automatically after 3 or 4 hours, depending on how much time has passed.

If, on the other hand, it continues to flash for an extended period of time, here are some troubleshooting methods you may attempt.

Try Triggering Some Alarm

It is possible that there is a flaw in the software that is causing the Doorbell to flash repeatedly.

Try initiating an alert using either the doorbell button or the Ring smartphone app to remedy this problem.

Alternate alternatives include restarting the Doorbell, reverting it to its factory default settings, or using different capabilities on it.

Check Your Internet Connection

In certain cases, even though the battery in your Ring Doorbell is completely charged, the Doorbell may be unable to detect it if your internet connection is poor or your Doorbell is unable to connect to the internet.

Check that your internet connection is up and running properly, and that your Ring Doorbell is properly linked to the network in order to resolve this problem.

Contact Ring Support

How Does Ring Work

If either of those ideas work for you, it may be indicative of a problem with the Doorbell’s internal components, such as the battery, wiring, or the LED light itself, which must be addressed.

In this instance, contacting Ring customer service for help is the best line of action for you.

In order to assess the issue and find a remedy without voiding your warranty, they will offer you with certain diagnostic procedures to follow.

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