iPhone Showing Charging But Battery Percentage Not Increasing

iPhone Showing Charging But Battery Percentage Not Increasing

Is your iPhone displaying a battery symbol but not increasing the percentage of battery life remaining? Do you think the battery may get stuck? The battery percent on your iPhone does not grow, no matter how long you charge it. What gives?

While streaming, the phone may get hot to the touch or shut off completely. There is an assortment of elements adding to this issue. If your iPhone is charging, but its battery percent is not growing, stay close, and we will walk you through the cycle bit by bit.

Problems with software or hardware are two of the most common reasons. However, there may be various concerns in each of the categories mentioned above. Example: A problem with the motherboard, battery, or charging port; incorrect settings; or background draining; and so on. If you’re having trouble fixing this issue, we’d like to offer some advice.

iPhone Software Issues and Solutions

It is necessary to check for software issues before inspecting the hardware or replacing its components. Malware might cause the phone to get stuck from time to time. The problem is resolved by resetting the iPhone’s settings and restarting the device.

If your iPhone is brand new and its battery percent does not increase when charging, it may be experiencing software problems.

1. Battery Drainage by Apps

Many programs operating in the background use a significant amount of battery power. This might be the reason why the percentage of your iPhone’s battery is not growing. It is quite simple to track which applications are operating in the background.

It is possible that closing them may resolve the charging problem on your iPhone. Another set of handy ideas and strategies for resolving the charging problem on your iPhone is provided below.

  • To dismiss any background running applications, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  • Refresh your iPhone as soon as possible to release the data.
  • Take out every one of the redundant applications that you no longer need.
  • Remove any unnecessary images, movies, or other media assets from your computer.
  • Turn off alerts from applications that aren’t essential.
  • Install the most recent software version.

These tips will assist you in de-cluttering your iPhone. Getting rid of all unnecessary applications and data will help you get more mileage out of your battery. This method is effective in a wide range of situations.

2. Restart Your iPhone

Restarting is also a useful approach that may use to resolve various problems. Even if your iPhone is running slowly or becomes stuck from time to time, restarting it works wonders.

As a result, restart your iPhone by turning it off and then back on once again. Check the battery percentage once more at this point. If the first one does not work for you, continue to the following step.

3. Turn on Airplane Mode

If your iPhone battery is not charging, this approach may help you fix your issue. The data signals may be depleting the battery. Maintain Airplane mode on your iPhone while it is charging. The battery will charge quickly and completely within a short period. If there isn’t a hardware problem, maybe this method will also work.

4. Reset the Settings on Your iPhone

This method is quite beneficial. Things may be altered by resetting the settings. It simply takes a few minutes and will not affect your media files in any way. Even though your preferred settings may have changed, you may still reset them. For example, you must reset your tones, wallpaper, alerts, home screen, and a few other small preferences.

If there is no need to worry about your iPhone’s hardware malfunctioning, then this technique will almost certainly repair the battery issue on your device. Understand how to modify the settings on your iPhone now that we’ve covered it. Follow these simple steps:

  • Find and navigate the general settings on your iPhone’s screen.
  • If you press the reset button, you will present several alternatives.
  • Select “reset all settings.”

Then, after a few minutes, reconnect your iPhone to the charger and check the battery percent again.

iPhone Showing Charging But Battery Percentage Not Increasing 1

iPhone Hardware Issues and Solutions

If there is a possibility of being opened or repaired your iPhone, may have a problem with the internal hardware. Between the battery and the logic board, a gas gauge line serves as a power supply. It may have a flaw. Additionally, a problem with the charging port, dock connection, or logic board may exist.

1. A Missing FL 11

The absence of FL 11 is one of the primary reasons the iPhone battery percent does not increase. The FL 11 is a relatively tiny component of the logic board’s circuit board layout. On an iPhone, FL 11 is an inductor that plays a critical function in managing the device’s battery. The lack of this component results in the billing problem.

You risk damaging or removing the FL 11 unintentionally or mistakenly when attaching or disconnecting the battery. Its placement varies depending on the iPhone model you have. You may verify the existence of FL 11 by requesting assistance from online tutorials. If it is not present, you should get assistance from a repair lab.

2. Replace the Dock Connector

The charging connector may be malfunctioning. Clean the charging port and make sure that the charger is correctly inserted. Try a different charger and power outlet to see if that helps. It’s possible that the charger, charging cord, or wall power outlet is malfunctioning. If none of these options work, the dock connector should be checked and replaced. Specifically, the dock connector is the physical component the charging port is housed and operates.

3. Replace U2 Charging IC

On the off chance that the FL 11 isn’t absent from your iPhone logic board, then the U2 charging IC may have a problem with it. This component has a little part in battery charging, but it can cause issues. In this case, the answer is to have the iPhone repair center replace the U2 charging IC.

4. Replace the Battery

If your iPhone is ancient and you have been using it for a long time, the battery may have run out. It’s possible that the battery in your iPhone has reached the end of its useful life and no longer has any capacity. As a result, it is required to replace the battery in this instance.

If you need a new original battery, you may contact the Apple Company for assistance. Assuming you are sure about your capacities, you can change the battery by following online guides. However, it would be best to change it by a professional, not damaging your device more.


There isn’t a single iPhone user who hasn’t had to deal with the problem of charging their device. It is, however, not a reason to be alarmed. Because there is a solution to every issue. We’ve mentioned both hardware and software remedies in our recommendations. We suggest that you first attempt a software repair to see if it helps. If you have no experience with hardware repair, you should see a specialist.

Our main goal is that this instruction can help you solve the issue with your iPhone if it is charging, but the battery percent does not increase as expected. Continue to communicate with us and frequent our website to get real suggestions.


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