Why does Life360 not Update? How To Troubleshoot

Why does Life360 not Update

We depended on letters, telegrams, and phone calls for a long time to determine where everyone was. Real-time location monitoring allows us to be confident that we will always know where our loved ones are at all times.

The Life360 app, which is really popular, was our choice after reading a ton of reviews online. A number of benefits are available, including the ability to communicate inside the application among members of your Circle and even knowing the driving speeds of those individuals.

A downside to the app, though, is that it might occasionally portray circle members as still being at home, even if they haven’t left the house for a long period of time. Life360 users often have this problem. It is possible that the location information is not updated on a consistent basis.

After reading a plethora of publications on the issue on the internet, I was able to narrow down the many reasons why it happens and put up this in-depth essay on the topic. Examine if your phone is linked to the internet, whether location services are turned on, and whether your account is logged into two devices at the same time in order to resolve the Life360 not updating problem.

Examine any battery-saving apps or virtual private networks (VPNs) you are using to see if they conflict with the Life360 updates. Finally, make certain that you have the most recent version of the program.

Basic Troubleshooting for Life360 Not Updating

There are a few basic reasons why you may not be aware of the location of a Circle member in your network. If a Circle member’s phone is switched off or has a low battery level, you will not be notified of their whereabouts until the phone is turned on again.

The fact that their phones were in airplane mode would have also prevented the app from updating. Another possible cause is that either the Circle member’s phone or your phone is not linked to the internet; thus, be sure to switch on cellular data or Wi-Fi on your phone before continuing.

Even when the phone is connected to the internet, having a poor signal might cause the Life360 app to fail to update the location information on occasion. In addition to this, the members must enable their location services so that they may communicate with one another about their whereabouts.

If a Circle member closes Life360 as an active app, their location may not be visible to the rest of the Circle. Instruct them to keep the app open in order to get their location. Finally, if they are connected to a VPN or are using a Mobile Hotspot, you will not be notified of their location as a result of this.

Phone Settings That Interfere with Life360

Certain phone settings must be configured in order for other people to be notified of your whereabouts. Check that the phone settings of the Circle member are as follows: If the Circle member is not receiving updates on the map, ask them to double-check their phone settings as follows:

  • The iOS location settings on the phone must be changed to “Always” rather than “While in use.” The presence of “While in use” will interfere with the app’s ability to accurately monitor the member’s position.
  • Life360 requires the usage of cellular data in order to function effectively.
  • Because of the low power mode that the Circle member’s phone is in on iOS, the background app refresh option is disabled, resulting in the app ceasing to function. Disable the low power mode if you want to override this feature.
  • If a Circle member has an Android phone, specific phone configurations must be completed on the phone before use. The “Location” permission must be granted, as well as the App optimization mode must be disabled in order for the app to function smoothly in the background and get frequent software updates.

Logged in on Two Devices at Once

It is possible for the Circle member to be signed into Life360 with numerous devices at the same time, causing the location to bounce from one device’s position to the next or to appear as “stuck.” You can avoid this by signing on to just one device at a time, for example. However, if any member needs the program to be installed on numerous devices, it is recommended that they create a second account.

Please keep in mind that the Circle members must be signed into the Life360 app with their own accounts in order to participate. The app will update the member’s location information if they are signed in as someone else, and the app will do so under that person’s account.

In order to prevent confusion, make sure that everyone’s personal account is used for logging in.

Third-Party Apps That Interfere with Life360

Certain third-party applications, such as battery-saving applications and antivirus applications, might interfere with the operation of the Life360 application. The background app refresh option is disabled as a result of the battery-saving application.

As a consequence, the Life360 app will no longer be able to update the location. You may either delete these applications or grant permission for the Life360 app to operate on your device to get around this. It is vital to remember that in order to get frequent updates, both you and the Circle member whose location is not updating must have such programs removed or allow Life360 to function in the background.

If you have an external antivirus program installed on your phone, Life360 will not be able to update as a result of this. Instead, under the settings, choose to allow Life360 to operate in the background.

Life360 not Update

Update Life360 to the Latest Version

It is essential to have the Life360 app updated to the most recent version in order to benefit from the more smooth performance of the current version. When you don’t update the app for an extended period of time, the app will begin to slow down as a result of this.

As a result, ensure that all Circle members have the most recent version of the app in order to get the most out of it. Take notice that obsolete devices may potentially cause the app to malfunction since subsequent versions of the app may become incompatible with the device as the device becomes more out of date.

Locate the cause of your Life360 Not Updating!

A number of useful functions are provided by Life360, such as obtaining the shortest route to a Circle member’s location, which saves you the trouble of having to figure out which road to take to get there.

Also available via Life360 are weekly driving reports, which provide you with information such as driving speed and whether or not a phone was used while driving, allowing you to have a productive conversation with your children about safe driving.

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How do I stop Life360 from updating my location?

By turning off your Wi-Fi or cellular connection, you may prevent Life360 from updating your location information. Other options include turning on Airplane Mode or removing Life360 from the active apps list on your device.

In addition, you may prevent Life360 from upgrading by connecting to a VPN or Mobile Hotspot or by turning your device off completely.

Can Life360 see your texts?

Because the members of the Circle have connected their phones, Life360 has access to the messages that are exchanged between them. Outside of the Circle, communication with contacts will not be tracked by the app.

What do the three pulsing dots on the Life360 screen mean?

It is possible that the real speed of a person’s car is not accessible; in this case, three dots appear next to their name on Life360.

Can you tell when someone checks your location on Life360?

Because Life360 does not have a function for receiving notifications when someone checks your location, you will not be alerted if someone examines your location.

What do the colors on Life360 mean?

Each color Circle on Life360 represents a distinct concept. For example, a green circle indicates that a Circle member has been discovered. When a device is linked to the app, a purple circle appears on the screen.

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