Can I Wyze Cam Outdoor Without Base Station? (2022)

Wyze Cam Outdoor Without Base Station

Wyze is a well-known name in the field of smart home security cameras. Since their cameras can save video footage on a microSD card rather than the cloud-like most others, this means they can provide more secure backup. A growing number of people are turning to outside cameras to capture porch pirates in the act of stealing their prized Amazon shipments, or at least to be alerted when a box is on its way so they can get it before the thief does.

Many people who buy Wyze outside cameras discover that they would also come with a Base Station, which they didn’t realize was included in the package. Wyze seems to be the only specific hardware and software vendor that includes a base station with their outdoor smart cameras.

 This raises the issue of whether or not the Base Station is essential. What may be the reason behind this?

What is the Wyze Outdoor Cam?

You may use the Wyze Outdoor Cam to keep an eye on your property, whether it’s for visitors or shady individuals. In addition, they’re ideal for obtaining rare videos of animals who are afraid of people.

Even in the harshest weather conditions like snow, rain, and wind—so long as they’re firmly attached to the ground—the Wyze outdoor cameras are built to survive the elements. Even at night, the Wyze outside camera can catch video up to 25 feet away so that you won’t miss a thing.

Wireless operation and a rechargeable battery that may last anywhere from three to six months are further advantages. When you’re not home, you may still communicate with anyone at the door, including delivery people, and give them directions using the two-way audio feature.

In addition, ‘People-Only’ motion detection using heat sensors is available on these cameras, lowering false alerts from inanimate things like shrubbery and passing automobiles significantly.

Like most of their other cameras, they have microSD. To keep any recorded material locally, and there are slots for cards up to 32GB. For future reference, these 12-second recordings may be viewed and stored or deleted as needed.

How the Wyze Base Station Works?

Wyze’s Base Station backs up camera recordings, according to the company. These recordings may be saved to a solid-state drive on the device as well. Using a wired Ethernet connection, you may attach up to four Wyze outside cameras to a single Base Station.

It is possible to switch between a wired and wireless connection using the Wyze app after the first setup, although it is not required. The Network Connection must be installed and kept within since it is not weather-resistant like the exterior cameras. Aside from that, there is no problem with the Base Station’s range regarding the cameras.

Can I use the Wyze Outdoor Cam without a Base Station?

Sadly, this is not feasible at this time. Since they are designed to function together, Wyze outdoor cameras are commonly included in Introductory Kits and Bundles. In the absence of the link, the cameras outside will be unable to function. Wyze’s basic settings and key customizations are unavailable without any of the Base stations, which is why it’s crucial to have one.

If you don’t have access to the internet, you can only use your camera systems in Travel mode. You can take your outside cameras with you on a trip, but you’ll only be capable of recording motion occurrences to your thumb drive in travel mode. It is still necessary to connect to the Base Station to activate Travel mode in this scenario.

To ensure that you get the most out of your outside cameras, Wyze seems to have made the Base Station a necessity since they included several main characteristics for both security and convenience of use. There are many more advantages to using the Base Station in exchange for connecting to the internet.

Benefits of using the Wyze Outdoor Cam with the Base Station

Wyze Cam Outdoor Without Base Station

There are a few additional benefits to having a Base Station in place for your exterior cameras. For example, it extends the life of your battery. With the Base Station, you no longer have to depend on the camera for video storage. As a result, the battery lasts longer between recharges.

Utilizing the Base Station lowers router compatibility difficulties if you have a wired Ethernet cable to connect. A cable connection is more robust and trustworthy than a wirelessly one, and it also improves reaction times. Additionally, that use the Base Station provides an additional piece of mind.

Even if the cameras are installed properly, they are still vulnerable to theft since they are located outdoors. Fortunately, the Ground Station has your back in the event of such an occurrence. How? All recordings are saved to the Ground Station for one thing. If your camera has been stolen, you don’t want to risk losing any important video, even that of the intruder! Second, the thief can’t use the stolen camera anymore because of the Base Station.

The thief can’t reset the camera or do that with their Wyze account until you remove it from your account. It’s also safe to say that they won’t be able to get into your account. It may also display the status of each camera attached to it, allowing you to quickly and detect any connection issues.

Utilizing a Base Station enables you to set your cameras at a larger distance from each other than unless you’re just using the cameras and the Wyze app. You may position your sensors up to 300 feet away from the Base Station with no significant impediments. Impediments, including walls and concrete, may limit the distance.

Alternative outdoor smart cameras that don’t require a Base Station or Hub Many individuals don’t like the concept of having to utilize a Base Station with Wyze smart cameras. Towards that purpose, there are several different possibilities to explore.

Ring, another popular smart camera brand, is also available. A hub and the otherwise base station are not needed to operate their smart camera technology. However, they can’t store data locally. If the Wi-Fi connection in the region is poor or inconsistent, this might be an issue for certain consumers. Even yet, many smart homes continue to use them.

Logitech camera that doesn’t need a base station is also available. Because of its waterproof construction and compatibility with Apple HomeKit, the Circle Perspective Camera is ideal for outdoor applications. However, the drawback here is that there is no local storage. iCloud is where everything is saved. With no wireless option and corded installation, this camera must be mounted on a wall and ensure that it has a source of electricity to plug into—preferably in your home so that a burglar can’t quickly cut power by making it off because of the camera.

The Arlo Essential items Wireless Security Camera is the closest thing you’ll get to a Wyze-like experience. It has a weather-resistant, wireless architecture and both neighborhood and cloud storage — all without the need for an Access Point.

Google Nest has an outdoor cam as well. However, it only offers cloud storage, not local storage. So it compares more closely to Ring and Logitech. 

Outdoor Security

Despite its unimpressive appearance, Wyze’sImplementation of the Base Station shows that they may be on the right track. Suppose you don’t have a Base Station. In that case, the Wyze outdoor cameras are still a wonderful option since they provide:

  • A more encrypted channel.
  • Greater protection for your property and individual cameras.
  • Various options to recalibrate recorded data.

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