How To Get Unlimited Data On Straight Talk?

Straight Talk’s non-contract phone options have been spoken about, so I decided to give them a go. WiFi was my primary internet connection at home, so I opted for the 45-gigabyte plan and didn’t over the data plan limit for the first several months.

For over three weeks last month, I had no internet access except Straight Talk data on my phone.

Many Straight Talk customers are irritated because their data isn’t functioning. If your mobile applications utilize data to convey information like phone calls and text messages, you’ll only be affected by this. No changes will be made to traditional phone calls made using your phone’s dialer.

TikTok, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and any other messaging software with voice capabilities will not operate unless you are at home and connected to your WiFi network, such as Xfinity or AT&T, which Straight Talk does not support.

We’ve compiled a list of the most often asked questions about Straight Talk Data not functioning so that you can get back up and running as fast as possible. Because I was on the road for much of those three weeks, I needed more space than the 45 gigabytes I had.

I was limited to using the internet at 2G speeds, which were slow enough to cause problems even while making phone calls. When I arrived back home, I wanted to see if I could upgrade to a higher data plan level for my phone.

The 45-gigabyte limit is no longer enough when it comes to storage space. This advice is based on my research on Straight Talk and how to acquire unlimited bandwidth on the service.

Changing your Access Points on Straight Talk might help you receive unlimited data. COVID to 611-611 will work if that fails.

Straight Talk Refill Card $35 Straight Talk Refill Card $35
  • Compatible with Straight Talk service
  • $35 Plan comes with Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data with the first 2GB of Data at high speeds, then 2G*
  • Nationwide coverage on Americas largest, most dependable network
  • 30-Day Plan
  • $35 value
Straight Talk Verizon 4G LTE 3G CDMA Bring Your Own Phone Activation Kit
  • Kit includes Nano, Micro and Standard SIM cards. Also includes Network Access Code which is required by Straight Talk to active your phone.
  • This kit is for Straight Talk bring your own phone program that offer unlimited TALK/TEXT/DATA for $45. Unlimited data includes 5GB LTE data.
  • For CDMA phones requiring a SIM Card such as Verizon iPhone, Verizon Galaxy phone or other unlocked CDMA phones. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH AT&T OR GSM PHONES.
  • Now you can Bring Your Own Phone to America's largest most reliable network. Bundle to get Unlimited Talk, Text and Data. First 5 GB Data at High Speeds then 2G*.
  • A monthly data service plan is required for activation ($45, $40 if sign up for auto pay)

Is it Possible to Get Unlimited Data with Straight Talk?

Straight Talk’s unlimited internet package is a pleasant surprise in an era when most phone data plans have incredibly low data restrictions. This will seem ridiculous, but anything involving the internet won’t function until you have data installed on your phone. Even if you’ve checked your Straight Talk balance previously, it never hurts to double-check before diving into the technical details of your connection.

A 25GB 4G LTE package, followed by an unrestricted, uncapped 2G connection, is now available to Straight Talk data add-on customers, as you may already know. You may use this to remain online when you run out of data, but consider that 2G cellular networks were not meant for high-definition video calls.

Using internet services that need more bandwidth than 2G can cause your data connection to drop or seem to be malfunctioning, even if you have a plan like this. This bundle, which costs roughly $45 at the time of writing, is an excellent choice if you often use the internet and frequently run out of data.

You need to know how Straight Talk’s data add-on packages function before assuming that your connection suddenly has a speed problem. While it’s true that when your LTE data runs out, you’ll experience slower download speeds, this is by design.

If you want to go back to the lightning-fast internet speeds you’ve become used to, call Straight Talk and ask them how to refill your existing plan. Checking your membership status is a cinch with Straight Talk’s services since they make it so simple. Simply

Go to and choose “My Account” to see what subscriptions you have at the moment. In addition, you can see how much data you used on the last billing cycle and how much you still have remaining in your account.

To acquire unlimited data, there are two options. For $55 a month, Straight Talk offers a genuinely limitless connection with no data or voice limits.

The greatest aspect of this strategy is that you don’t have to spend a dime more on top of what you’re already paying for unlimited data from your phone. Later, we’ll speak about an additional way that includes sending a text message, which you may experiment with.

Straight Talk Unlimited Service using APN

Straight Talk Unlimited Service using APN
Straight Talk Unlimited Service using APN

Setting up an APN that gives you unlimited data is the first thing I will cover. Virtual operators are employed by Straight Talk. There are no mobile phone towers or communications equipment owned by Straight Talk; instead, they lease them from larger corporations like AT&T.

You can only use the AT&T APN approach described here if your network uses AT&T hardware. If this works where you are, Straight Talk is employing different techniques in different places.

If nothing else, it’s worth a go. When changing your APN, be sure to keep a note of your current default APN so you may go back to it later if necessary.

  1. If you want to view your Android’s default APN:
  2. Activate mobile data by going to the Settings menu.
  3. Select More or Advanced from the drop-down menu.
  4. Then choose Access Point Names from the drop-down menu under Mobile Networks.
  5. The APN information may be seen by clicking on the first item.

When using an iOS device, the following options are available:

  1. Cellular data settings may be found under the appropriate of the following: Settings -> Cellular -> Cellular data options -> Cellular data network.
  2. In each box, make a note of the default APN settings.

Setting up an AT&T APN requires the following steps:

  • Add, or the + symbol may be pressed from the Access Point Names panel.
  • Enter Straight Talk as the name under “Name.”
  • Data is the APN.
  • is the domain name used for this proxy.
  • Located at: 80
  • is listed under MMS Proxy.
  • MNC: 410; MCC: 310; and MCC: 410
  • Concerning MMSC, you may find this website at:
  • Default, MMS, supl, and hipri APN types
  • The PAP protocol is used to verify identity.
  • IPv4 is the APN protocol.
  • All other fields should be left blank.
  • Please turn off your mobile data service and then turn it back on.
  • If you’re able to go online, your AP has been successfully adjusted.
  • If this is the case, your network may not be running on AT&T equipment. If this is the case, use the system’s built-in APN.

Select the first APN item in the APN list to restore the default APN. To add the default APN, if it doesn’t appear in the list, hit Add again and enter all the information you already recorded.

Bypass Straight Talk Data Cap

If the APN connection is successful, you will be able to use your restricted data plan to its full potential. This exploits an AT&T system flaw. Therefore the patch is only temporary.

You won’t be able to utilize it after AT&T fixes the problem. However, upgrading to their $55 plan is the only way to get around the data restriction.

Paying the additional money is worth it since the plan operates throughout the country and even includes 10 GB of data that you can use at any Straight Talk WiFi hotspot.

APN for Straight Talk Data Cap Reset

You may also try yet another APN. Cingular’s access point is used in this example, although it has also been seen to function with other devices.

The specifics of the APN are available.

  • Straight Talk is the APN name.
  • Wap is the username for the APN.
  • Tracfone
  • MMS Proxy: Proxy: 80 Cingular Mobile Services Center (MMSC)
  • Default, MMS, and supl are the three APN types.

Get Unlimited Data on Straight Talk

Straight Talk has come out with a free unlimited plan upgrade in light of recent developments. It means you won’t have to fork up any further cash.

An unlimited data plan may be yours for free by texting COVID at 611-611. A working internet connection is required for this.

Unlocking the Data Cap

Since Straight Talk has done so much for its clients in these difficult times, I highly recommend that you switch to the $55 plan if you can. Straight Talk’s network, on the other hand, is excellent because of the lesser number of people using it at the same time.

So you may expect quicker and more dependable speeds than what you’d get from an AT&T or Verizon connection, for example.



Can you run out of unlimited data on Straight Talk?

There is no limit to the amount of data you may use with their $55 package. There is no limit on calls or texts either. However, there are restrictions to other designs.

How does Straight Talk unlimited data work?

It’s possible to get unlimited data on Straight Talk’s most popular plans. As long as your plan’s data maximum is met, you’ll experience very fast speeds.
But if this maximum is reached, your internet will drop down to 2G rates, which are near-impossible to use at this point. Despite the sluggish internet, you can still use the internet if you so choose.

How long does 10GB of data last?

Ten gigabytes of data may support up to 120 hours of internet surfing or 20 hours of standard definition streaming video (480p). However, each person’s experience will be unique.

How can I get a free Straight Talk plan?

Referring friends to Straight Talk or texting COVID to 611-611 will earn you a free plan.

Last update on 2024-03-27

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