How to Fix Blurry Camera iPhone? iPhone Camera Blurry (2023)

Your quarantine selfies and Zoom meetings will be ruined if your iPhone camera is shaky. Even the most technologically sophisticated iPhone cameras aren’t immune to flaws or problems. In reality, the camera on some of the more recent iPhone models has been known to malfunction.

Users of iPhone 8 and iPhone X have complained about “smoothed” or blurry cameras in previous years. Cameras with blank displays or shaky movements have been reported by other users as well.

So, do you have an out-of-focus issue with your iPhone? Using the techniques in this article, we’ll show you how to repair a blurry iPhone camera in no time.

Blurry iPhone Camera: How to Fix it

Blurred photos on your iPhone are almost always the result of an issue with the camera’s hardware or software. Is there cause for concern? Yes, but you can still repair a shaky iPhone camera. Try these simple solutions first before calling an Apple support center.

Wipe Off the Lens With a Microfiber Cloth

  1. To begin, clean the lens cover of your camera to see if it helps. Don’t even consider wiping it with your own finger! Sweat or dirt from your fingers may leak through the lens cover and harm your lens if you do this.
  2. When wiping off a shaky iPhone camera, why not use a microfiber cloth?
  3. Because of its high absorptivity, microfiber cloth has long been the preferred material for cleaning camera lenses. This man-made fiber is excellent in collecting dirt, filth, smudges, and stains. Furthermore, it won’t damage the plastic cover’s finish. You may also try cleaning your iPhone camera lenses with a microfiber cloth if you have access to one.

Reboot Your iPhone 

  1. If your iPhone camera seems shaky, try rebooting the device.
  2. Rebooting an iPhone often may help it last longer. Rebooting your phone, for example, is something that some IT experts suggest when your battery is running low .It’s risky to leave your phone on all the time since certain applications on your iPhone may be running in the background all the time. Your phone’s memory and battery power will expire if you don’t allow it to breathe.
  3. Is there any benefit to restarting an iPhone with a blurry camera? To begin, if you have a problem, you will need to reset your mobile phone. If your device is experiencing issues, and this is what’s causing your camera to be shaky, try this. To begin troubleshooting, do a simple reboot .If, on the other hand, the issue is with your camera app, go to the following suggestion.

Force-Exit Your Camera App

Other applications on your iPhone may function properly, but the iSight camera on your iPhone isn’t. Even if you aren’t touching anything, it may be losing focus.

To avoid having to restart your phone, you may now just force-quit the camera app instead of using the normal method. If the strange blurriness still persists after forcing your camera app to close, try restarting your phone. Doing this will fix any latency problems you may have been experiencing with your camera.

Tap the home button twice and slide up the camera app on an earlier iPhone model to shut it. In the meanwhile, here’s how to do it on an iPhone X or later model:

  • Swipe up and wait for the list of currently running applications to display.
  • The camera app may be found by swiping right from the home screen.
  • Force-closing the app may be accomplished by lifting your finger up from the screen.

Make Sure You Have the Most Recent Version of Ios Installed on Your Device

If your native camera app isn’t getting any better, try upgrading your iOS. Is it time for you to update your iOS device? You may as well give in and upgrade your iOS. iOS 13.6 includes bug fixes as well as some new functionality that may be helpful if your iPhone camera is shaky.

Unresponsive applications during an iCloud sync and WiFi calling problems on the iPhone 6 and iPhone SE are just a few of the issues that have been fixed in this update.

Apple, on the other hand, stated in June 2018 that iOS 14 will be available between September 14 and October 18, 2020. While you wait for Apple to provide a remedy, you may try updating your smartphone to iOS 13.6 to see if it helps.

Here’s how to get the most recent version of iOS on your iPhone or iPad:

To begin, check to see whether you’re online. Go to Settings and choose General from the drop-down menu. Update your software by scrolling down and selecting “Software Update.” Click “Install Now” to begin the installation process. If you’re prompted for a passcode, enter it now.

What to Do if You Can’t Update Your iOS

Occasionally, you won’t be able to upgrade your iOS to the most recent version. If you encounter that problem, follow these steps:

When the internet connection is unreliable, updates will fail to complete. Make that you’re connected to the internet before continuing. Unplug your WiFi and reconnect your iPhone to ensure that you have internet access. If the problem persists, try connecting through mobile data or a different network.

Whether your WiFi is working properly, check if you have adequate storage space on your device to accommodate an update. When an update is available, your phone may remove data that you don’t need in order to install it.

By the way, this excludes any information about you personally. In other words, if you haven’t begun the upgrade yet, free up some space first. If your update is interrupted or fails to complete, remove it and retry the download. Select “Delete Update” from the list of applications in the Settings menu, then tap “Find Update.” After that, all you have to do is re-download the most recent version.

Blurry Camera iPhone

Reset Your iPhone to Factory Settings

Occasionally, incorrect settings will have an impact on the native camera app as well. Resetting your iPhone may help if your camera is still blurry after trying the four solutions listed above. As a result, your iPhone’s settings will be reset to their original factory defaults.

Keep in mind that a hard reset is another name for a factory reset. You’ll have to do a complete wipe of your smartphone if you do this. Make a backup of your I Cloud account before doing a hard reset. Here’s how to return your iPhone to its default settings after doing a factory reset:

To begin, go to the settings menu. Select General from the drop-down menu. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose Reset. Click on “Reset all settings” to start again. Enter your passcode in the appropriate box. Confirm the phone’s reset.

What if any of those fixes don’t work?

Even after all your efforts, your camera is still shaky. What exactly is the issue?

Your iPhone camera may be faulty if it is grainy and you hear an unusual sound while using it. For users of the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple used to offer an iSight Replacement Program. Their cameras had a defective component, as shown by the fuzzy pictures they took.

As a result, there’s a chance your iSight camera is suffering from poor manufacture. What are your options? The iSight camera on your iPhone or iPad may be DIY replaced if you so choose. The new camera, as well as the accessories, are available for purchase on the internet. There are tutorials available as well.

However, if you’re still covered by your manufacturer’s warranty, we advise you to contact Apple first. You can see whether your problem is still fixable by reading their Apple support pages. There are Apple Authorized Service Providers all around the country if you need immediate assistance.

To get started, gather your iPhone model name and serial number, which you can obtain either in the device’s settings or through iTunes.


A software problem may or may not be to blame for a shaky iPhone camera. Try these five fast solutions first; there’s no harm in giving them a go. Please let us know in the comments whether you were able to “unblur” your camera. Wishing you the best of luck!

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