How to Turn Off Echo Dot Light? (2022)

How to Turn Off Echo Dot Light

I was always a fan of the different lights on my Amazon Echo Dot – how they assisted me in checking my alerts, how they showed the various device statuses, and so on. Because of this, I never thought about shutting off these lights until they caused a snafu and ruined my plans.

On her 50th birthday, I decided to purchase her favorite garment from Amazon to surprise my mother. She was thrilled with her present. The light ring on my Echo Dot started flashing yellow one day when I was outdoors.

The moment my mother entered the room to see what was going on, Alexa, ever the obedient assistant, informed her that her present was on its way, thereby ruining my surprise. I was frustrated by my thwarted intentions, so I immediately went online to look for how to turn off the yellow light on my Echo Dot, and I discovered methods to turn off all of the other lights on the device.

Likewise, I’ve written this post to prevent others from having their ideas wrecked in the process of writing them. Chacune of the lights on your Amazon Echo Dot has a specific function, and you may turn each of them off individually.

Alternatively, enabling the do not disturb (DND) mode on your Echo Dot will turn out all of the lights on the device until the DND mode is off.

Echo Dot Lights – What They Mean and How to Turn Them Off

Your Echo Dot comes in a variety of colors, with some of them being variations on the same theme. The lights will often switch off on their own when their intended function has been fulfilled in the majority of circumstances.

Manually turning them off, on the other hand, may be accomplished by following the instructions below:


A pulsating yellow light ring on your Echo Dot indicates that you have unread messages or alerts or that you have missed a scheduled appointment. The notifications are often related to delivery alerts, such as Amazon orders, meal orders, and other similar services. The yellow light is a bit of a pain in the neck.

In the event that someone observes the yellow light and commands “Play my messages” or a similar command, the Echo Dot will reveal all of the alerts that have come up to that point. This may alert other household members to your purchases and, as in my case, may ruin surprise presents.

Once the message has been read, or the notice has been received, the yellow light will often switch off. This may be accomplished by using the command “What are my notifications” or “What are my messages. ” As soon as your messages and alerts arrive, Alexa will read them out loud to you and turn off the yellow light.

If you want to avoid the yellow light, you may alter your alerts as well. Suppose you want to turn off Amazon Shopping notifications. In that case, you may go to the notification settings in your Alexa app and choose it from the drop-down menu under Amazon Shopping settings.


It signifies that your microphone has been muted if your Echo Dot’s light ring is a solid red hue in appearance. Alexa will not reply to your orders when the silence switch is turned on. Because of this feature, you can clearly identify whether you have accidentally muted yourself during a phone conversation, which is something I am prone to doing.

The red light might also signal a technical problem, such as an inability to connect to the internet, although this is also a possibility. By pushing the microphone mute button, you may turn off the red color that is shown.

You may check your Alexa app to see if any form of error signal has been received if this doesn’t work to turn off the lights. After that, you may follow the troubleshooting instructions provided by Amazon to resolve the issue.


It is possible for your Echo Dot light ring to become orange under three different circumstances:

  • During the configuration mode. During the configuration mode.
  • Whenever your Echo Dot attempts to connect to the internet, you will see an orange light ring pulse.
  • An orange band will appear on your light ring if your Echo Show is having trouble connecting to your home WiFi network.

You may turn off the orange light on your Echo Dot by restarting it. Hold the mute and volume down keys simultaneously for about 20 seconds to reset the device.

It’s possible that turning off the power to your Echo Dot for up to 20 seconds and then turning it back on would work, but it’s not guaranteed. Even if the orange indicator is still on, you might attempt troubleshooting to determine if there is a problem with your internet connection.

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Your Echo Dot’s light is becoming blue, which might indicate any of the following conditions: A gradually spinning blue and cyan light signifies that your gadget is about to be turned on and used. Alexa is listening when a blue ring with a little amount of cyan pointing in a certain direction is shown on the screen.

An all-blue ring with a spinning cyan segment indicates that Alexa is currently processing the request that you sent to her. Another possibility is that your Echo Dot is rebooting or upgrading. This signifies that Alexa has acknowledged your instruction by changing the color of the ring between blue and cyan.

In order to turn off the blue light, just say “Alexa, stop,” and the Echo Dot will return to its original condition. It’s possible that restarting your Echo Dot will help to stop the blue light from flashing.


The presence of purple light on your Echo Dot’s light ring implies two situations:

  • This signifies that the Do Not Disturb(DND) mode has been engaged in your Echo Dot if the light ring becomes purple for a short period of time after you have made a request using the voice assistant. DND (Do Not Disturb) mode prevents you from receiving any alerts, including phone calls and text messages. However, your alarms and reminders will continue to function as intended.
  • This indicates that your Echo Dot is experiencing WiFi difficulties. If the light circle is flashing violet, your Echo Dot is experiencing WiFi difficulties.

To turn off the Do Not Disturb mode, just press the button below. To begin, open the Alexa app on your phone and go to Devices > Echo & Alexa from the Home screen. Select your device from the drop-down menu. Then choose Do Not Disturb from the menu and turn it off.

If the problem is with your WiFi, you may try reconnecting your Echo Dot to your WiFi network to see if it solves the problem. If it proves to be ineffective, you should consult Amazon’s troubleshooting page for possible solutions.


Aside from that, there are two possible uses for the green light on your light ring:

  • The incoming call is indicated by a pulsing green light on your phone.
  • Indicator of being on a call or having someone drop in on your device: a green light that spins continuously. The ability to see whether someone is attempting to sneak up on you without your awareness is quite useful in this situation.

For phone calls, the pulsing green light will change to continuous pulsing green light after you answer the phone and indicate that you are presently on the phone. The green light will turn off after the call has concluded.

To turn off the green light on our Echo Dot, open the Alexa app on your phone and choose Devices > Echo & Alexa from the menu. Click on Communications and turn it off after selecting your device from the list.

It is important to note that turning off the Communications option will also turn off all of the following communication choices on your device. Keeping the Drop-In option turned off in Communications will help to prevent other members of your home from sneaking up on you and interfering with your activities.

You should, however, notify Amazon immediately if you suspect that an unauthorized individual is intruding on your personal space.


A sign that the volume of your Echo Dot is being adjusted is a white light on your light ring. The current volume level will be shown by a white light.

Additionally, a continually spinning white light on the light ring signals that Amazon Guard has been activated on your device and that Away Mode has been set on your computer. It will be gone after the volume has been set correctly. It is recommended that you switch off the Amazon guard if the white light is revolving.

Returning your Echo Dot from Away Mode is as simple as saying, “Alexa, I’m back.” If you want, you may use the Alexa app to switch back from Away Mode to Home Mode.

Final Thoughts on Turning Off Your Echo Dot Lights

DND mode allows you to completely turn off all of the lights on your Echo Dot by just enabling it. Using these lights, your Echo Dot will not bother you while you sleep at night, which is a great feature.

You could try restarting or resetting your Echo Dot if any of the lights do not turn off even after you have completed their individual fixes. You might also try calling Amazon for assistance if it doesn’t work.

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