Using Wyze Cam Plus Without Subscription – Is It Works?

Using Wyze Cam Plus Without Subscription

Wyze provides a subscription service called Cam PLUS to assist customers in getting the most out of their cameras. This membership adds a few more features to your cameras, allowing you to use them in new ways.

Despite the fact that Wyze cameras aren’t as pricey as some other manufacturers, you may still balk at the concept of paying for membership service.

Despite the fact that Wyze cameras are so affordable, the price might quickly escalate if you buy more than one. Here, let’s imagine that for $35.98 on, you decide to buy the Wyze Cam v3. Assuming you buy two for outside monitoring and another two for inside monitoring, you’ve already shelled out about $150. What’s next, a subscription?

As a result, you may begin to question whether or not the additional service is really required. Isn’t just having a camera sufficient? Exactly how much of Cam PLUS do you truly require?

What is Wyze?

A maker of smart-home goods, Wyze is also known as Wyze Labs, Inc. and, as such, has developed a range of smart home products to improve the functioning of today’s smart home. Founded by ex-Amazon workers, the firm has been designed to cater to budget-conscious clients. Budget-conscious consumers are looking for smart home security solutions that don’t break the bank.

When Wyze first started out, they focused on making smart home cameras that could be used inside and outside the house. Since then, Wyze has extended its product range to include a variety of smart home devices. Their product selection isn’t as vast as some other smart homemakers like Ring, but it includes a number of gadgets that most smart home consumers find helpful and practically vital in their daily lives.

Additionally, they also produce smart LED bulbs and light strips. Their product portfolio now includes thermostats, robot vacuums, a home security system, and smartwatches!

Using these devices, you will need to download the Wyze app and have a strong Wi-Fi connection in order to do so. To avoid stutters in performance and video recording, it is best to have a robust connection. If you’re looking for high-quality items at reasonable costs, this is the company for you.

What does the Wyze Cloud Plan offer?

Wyze Cam Plus

To make the most of your smart home monitoring devices, Wyze has launched Wyze Cam Plus’s subscription service. For $1.99 per camera each month, Wyze Cam Plus offers a monthly payment option or an annual billing option for $15 (roughly $1.25/month per camera).

Let’s imagine you have the four cameras indicated at the beginning. The monthly billing option costs roughly $8/month, while the yearly billing option costs $60/year.

In this scenario, the yearly membership is typically the best option since it saves you $12 over the course of the year. In order to promote a long-term commitment, many smart home businesses price their plans this way — and it also means more money for the company upfront.

Cam PLUS is compatible with:

  • The Wyze Outdoor Cam
  • Wyze’s video doorbell system

Camera settings become far more flexible when you upgrade to the Cam Plus package.

For starters, you’ll receive lengthier video clips as a benefit. Unlimited video recording of all motion occurrences is available instead of the restricted 12-second snippets. Why do you think this is? That suspicious figure may be seen in action for much longer than the initial 12 seconds he creeps into your backyard.

Here’s where things become more interesting when it comes to motion detection settings. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is included in the Cam Plus. Why do you think this is? Advanced controls allow you to distinguish between inanimate things like passing automobiles and trees, as well as genuine humans when motion is detected.

Your camera can identify people, dogs, automobiles, and even parcels, thanks to Wyze’s AI! They also aim to add face recognition later this year — that’s going to be a lot more fun!

It is a critical point — Wyze seems to be primarily introducing new features to the paid-for plan. The free plan does not include advanced face recognition (or “Event Insights and Summary,” which will be available later this year) Wyze Cam Plus maybe a little pricey for some, but it does have some really useful and innovative features.

Wyze Cam Features that still Work Without a Subscription

For those who don’t want to spend the additional money each year or month, Wyze Cam Plus is a worthwhile addition to their smart cameras. Not at all! If you have a camera, you may still get a lot of good use out of it.

This includes videos that are saved to the cloud or an SD card, for example. These films will be limited to a maximum of 12 seconds, so they’ll be shorter. Most people don’t mind this since they don’t want to observe the delivery guy for long anyhow.

When these recordings are backed up to the cloud for 30 days, they will be erased. As long as your SD card isn’t full, previous recordings will be deleted to make room for the newest ones. If you’re interested in recording or receiving motion or sound detection notifications, you may still do so. All of this may be managed using the Wyze smartphone app, which is free to download.

What You Lose Without a Subscription

As a result, your camera will be unable to distinguish between real people and inanimate things when it detects motion. False alerts and unnecessary footage on your cloud or SD card may result as a result of this. The tree in your front yard is about to attract a lot more attention.

In the long term, though, this little annoyance may be worth it.

Due to the 12-second time constraint, you also lose lengthier recordings that would otherwise have been saved. While this may not be a big deal to you, it may be an issue if there are suspicious behaviors taken on and the camera shuts off just as the suspect does something evil.

How Wyze Compares to Ring and Nest

When it comes to not having a membership with Wyze, you don’t lose anything. For example, with a Ring camera, you have the potential to lose more than with a camera without a subscription.

If you don’t have a membership to Ring’s Cloud, you won’t be able to record any videos. You may watch the Event live if Ring senses motion, but that’s all. If you can’t watch the live stream, the only thing you can do is to assume that the motion event was triggered by something, which isn’t possible if you didn’t witness it.

Customers aren’t happy about this, particularly if video proof is available that can capture a thief red-handed. As a result, most Ring users consider the Ring Cloud plan essential rather than just a useful add-on. Ring cameras aren’t cheap, so the additional cost might be a problem for some.

Similar is the case with Nest Aware. Nest Aware allows you to travel back in time and examine what triggered your cameras. There will be no video evidence to back up your claim that the incident really took place if you don’t have a plan. You would’ve had to see it live to get the whole picture.

What an aggravating set of circumstances! There’s an expectation that when you purchase an internet-connected camera for your house, it can perform all you want of it. ‘With paid XYZ subscription’ is added to the small print. What’s up with the bogus advertising? It’s not a given. Rather, it’s a case of selective exclusion.

Cam Plus Not Required For a Great Experience

Even while Wyze Cam Plus does have some useful capabilities, it isn’t necessary to utilize your Wyze cameras in a meaningful way.

With this feature, you will be able to access all of your motion settings as well as recorded motion and sound occurrences. Wyze cameras aren’t expensive, to begin with. Thus many people go for the Cam Plus since it’s still less expensive than getting a camera from the competition and a Cloud subscription. As the name suggests, it’s a “Plus” in my opinion.

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