How to Fix: Verizon Fios Router Blinking Blue (2022)

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The speed and coverage provided by my Verizon Fios Router have been much appreciated by me for quite some time now. From shopping to paying our bills, we now do practically everything online, which has proved to be really easy for me in the last year.

While many other routers have struggled to keep up with the amount of traffic that is being generated in homes currently, Verizon FIOS has performed well in my experience.

The only times I ran across difficulties was in two different situations. Both times, a malfunctioning battery was caused, and the router’s LED remained on in the first instance.

In the end, I spent several hours poring through pages and pages of materials chock-full of technical jargon that ultimately assisted me in solving my issue.

How to Fix: Verizon Fios Router Blinking Blue

By resetting or restarting your Verizon Fios Router, you may get it to stop flashing. When the FiOS router is attempting to establish a connection with another device, the light on the router becomes blue.

Because of poor signal strength, the connection has failed if it continues to flash and does not light a solid blue.

Verizon/Fios Home Router G3100
  • Wi-Fi 6 technology
  • 2.4G 11ax 4x4/ 5G 11ax 4x4
  • 4 Gigabit LAN + 1 Gigabit WAN, MoCA2.5 + LAN MoCA1.1 WAN
  • Automatic Band switching between 2.4GH and 5.8GH Band
  • 150% more WiFi range than G1100

How To Solve The Blinking Blue Light Issue on Fios Router

From shopping to paying our bills, we now do practically everything online, which has proved to be really easy for me in recent years.

Problem-solving techniques may be broken down into two categories: It is possible to restore functionality by restarting the device. Resetting your Fios router may be necessary if the above steps do not provide satisfactory results.

Verizon Fios Router Blinking Blue.

Restart Fios Router

  1. Initial check should be performed on the interface to ensure that the cable is securely inserted into the proper port.
  2. Inspect to see whether the wireless device has been activated.
  3. Alternatively, if resuming the WPS mode does not work, disconnect the router from the power source. There are two cables that must be disconnected from your router: the Ethernet cable and the power wire.
  4. Unplug your router from its connection to the internet.
  5. Reconnect the Ethernet connection that connects the Internet modem to the router after a few minutes.
  6. Make use of the included power adapter to connect your internet modem to its power supply, and then make use of the included power cable to connect your Fios router to its power source.
  7. Turn on both devices and wait until the LED on the front panel changes from solid green to solid yellow or orange.

There is a good chance that this procedure will resolve the blinking blue problem. Try the following option if the blinking blue continues and the connection has not yet been formed as a result of your observations.

Factory Reset Your Fios Router

  1. If the preceding technique did not resolve your issue, it might be necessary to reset the network settings to their original factory settings.
  2. Important: Please keep in mind that executing a factory reset operation will completely erase all of your previously specified network settings!
  3. You may see the factory default username and password on the router label, and they will be restored to their original defaults.
  4. Reset your Verizon Fios router by pressing the reset button found on the back of the device.
  5. Ensure that the router is still switched on while pressing and holding the reset button for at least 15 seconds with a paperclip or other similar item. The hard reset should be carried out after 30 to 40 seconds unless otherwise specified.
  6. Allow for a complete reset of the router before turning it back on again.

In this case, the problem with the blinking blue light will no longer be present. Changing your network settings is now possible.

You may either use the Fios App or log in to My Verizon to make changes to your Wi-Fi name and password. It is also possible to make manual changes to the settings by logging in to your router.

Final Thoughts

Even if your Verizon Fios router is handy, quick, and has great coverage, you may face a problem with your connection. Instead of resetting the router, I would recommend that you first restart the router and see whether the problem is addressed. Make sure you are familiar with the network settings of your device if you use the second way. It is recommended that you hire a specialist to assist you if neither method is successful.



Will rebooting my router cause my internet connection to be disrupted?

No, restarting your router will not cause any interruptions in your internet service.

Can I use 2 routers with Verizon FIOS?

To access Internet service on the devices in your home that are linked to the Internet, you may use a secondary router in combination with your main router if you have a Verizon FIOS Internet subscription. The default settings on your FIOS router will need to be changed in order for this to be accomplished.

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