How to Fix: Vizio Sound Bar HDMI ARC Not Working? (2022)

How to Fix Vizio Sound Bar HDMI ARC Not Working

Several factors might be at play if your Vizio soundbar is connected to your television by HDMI ARC but does not function properly. When connecting a soundbar to a television, HDMI ARC can sometimes cease functioning, and it will even fail to operate the first time.

Before you begin, double-check that both the television and the soundbar are ARC compatible. If one of these devices does not support ARC, even if it has an HDMI connector, that can’t connect the two of them in any way. Some of the options listed below can assist you in resolving the HDMI ARC problem on your Vizio soundbar.

Disconnect Other HDMI Devices

Your TV may have other gadgets in addition to a soundbar. Consequently, unplug any other devices and solely connect your soundbar. The difficulty you are experiencing is mostly a CEC problem. It is possible to prevent other HDMI CEC devices from creating problems if you unplug them from the network.

Right HDMI ARC Port

Some Vizio soundbars include more than one HDMI port. Not all of them, however, are equipped to support ARC. Please double-check that you have the correct HDMI ARC port plugged in. It would be best if you double-checked everything on both ends and made sure the HDMI cable was operational. If everything else fails, you may try a different data cord.

Enable CEC

Even though it is not vital to activate CEC, you should, however, activate CEC by selecting “Menu” from the TV’s “Main Menu.” Then, using the soundbar’s remote control, choose HDMI ARC. Execute a scan from your TV and determine whether or not the soundbar is visible on the screen.


It’s a good idea to double-check and perhaps upgrade your soundbar and television to the most recent software version. In certain cases, out-of-date software versions are also the source of connection problems. Regarding upgrades, you may seek official assistance or do a Google search.

Resetting Soundbar and TV

It is preferable to reset both devices if none of the previously mentioned solutions successfully cure your issue. You may refer to our instructions to reset the Vizio soundbar and use Google to look for your television.

After restoring the default settings on both devices, you may join them using an HDMI connection and make the necessary adjustments. It will disable any hidden settings that may be creating HDMI ARC connection difficulties in the future.

Connecting to another TV

You may connect the Vizio soundbar to another television to see if the issue is with the soundbar or the television. If the soundbar works with other televisions, your television may have issues. Either the port has been broken, or different settings are required for HDMI ARC to function properly. You should consult the owner’s handbook for your television in this instance.

Final Words

Suppose these problems occur continuously and no option could be a solution for this, and your Vizio soundbar HDMI ARC is still not functioning. In that case, you may either connect using a different way or contact Vizio support for assistance with your problem. They will take care of the issue and, if feasible, will replace the soundbar with another.

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