What Are the 3 Best Power Over Ethernet [PoE] Doorbells?

Due to the quantity of automated equipment I have in my house as a smart home geek, there are far too many cords for the multitude of gadgets I possess. In addition, I was dreading the notion that I would have to seek a new doorbell since it would entail even more wiring.

Best PoE Doorbells: Expert Picks

I first learned about PoE doorbells at that time. Compared to the typical smart doorbell, these devices are distinguished because they only need a single ethernet cable for both power and Internet connection, rather than two.

I find this to be extremely handy since it reduces the number of wires that I have to deal with. It also made perfect sense since my WiFi coverage is poor in the area where I needed to put a doorbell.

I went around online for the finest doorbells that supported PoE (Power over Ethernet), and I recorded what I discovered in the process. As a result, the study that follows will be as thorough as possible since I believe that the more specific market of PoE doorbells has to be investigated more thoroughly in order to assist you in selecting the one that best meets your requirements.

Image quality, installation convenience, power over Ethernet performance, and motion detection were all factors I examined while writing this evaluation.

The Ring Video Doorbell Elite is my top overall pick because to its excellent camera performance, simple setup procedure, and high-capacity PoE connection, among other factors.

Ring Video Doorbell Elite – Best Overall PoE Doorbell

How Does Ring Work

When it comes to smart doorbells, Ring is the undisputed leader in the business, and the Ring Video Doorbell Elite helps them to maintain that position. The PoE function improves the experience you get from a conventional Ring doorbell, which ensures that your connection with the Ring doorbell is quick and free of latency and delays.

Because the doorbell is capable of connecting through WiFi as well, you are not restricted in your connectivity options and may switch between them as you see appropriate. However, this convenience comes at a cost, since PoE doorbells are intrinsically more complex to install due to the additional wiring needs compared to a conventional wireless doorbell.

The doorbell itself has a very wide mounting surface, but because of its flush-mount style, it blends in seamlessly with my front door frame. The doorbell also comes with a variety of different faceplates, allowing for a small amount of personalization right out of the package.

All of the faceplates have a simple design and are available in four different finishes: Satin Black, Satin Nickel, Venetian (dark bronze), and Pearl White. Pearl White was the color I picked for my doorbell since it complemented the white paint on the walls.

The camera is a capable performer, capable of recording in 1080p and offering a broad 160° horizontal and 90° vertical field of view. It is also equipped with color night vision capabilities. During my tests, I did not notice any stuttering or deterioration in video quality.

The camera’s performance is not affected by this since it is only a comparison of how well a PoE connection performs when compared to WiFi. Because of WiFi, it is possible for important alerts from your doorbell to be delayed in their transmission to your phone; however, PoE avoids this problem.

I discovered that the doorbell is also effective at detecting motion since it was able to overlook the neighboring cat, who came by twice daily but picked up on the Amazon delivery that I had been anticipating. Because of the PoE connection, the alarms were also sent on time.

If you choose to subscribe to the Ring Protect Basic subscription (which I strongly advise you to do) for $3 a month, you will be able to keep the video from the previous 60 days in the cloud. If you want additional services like as expert monitoring around the clock or extended warranties, you may subscribe to the Protect Plus membership, which costs $10 each month.

These are not subject to any kind of contract, so you have the option to cancel them anytime you wish.

Overall, the Ring Video Doorbell Elite is my top pick for a PoE doorbell camera because it gets the fundamentals of a video doorbell right while also taking use of the PoE system to give timely and accurate alerts to your phone.


With Ring Protect Plus, you can conduct professional surveillance.

Design with a flush-mount installation

Connectivity options include WiFi and wired connections.

It is compatible with Alexa.

The well-designed app


Installation by a professional is highly recommended.

There will be no artificial intelligence-powered face recognition.

Elite Video Doorbell from Ring

With the Ring Doorbell Elite, you get an incredibly competent PoE doorbell that also happens to look excellent on your door and provides you with assured guarantees of safety at the same time. The app’s high PoE performance, as well as its well-designed and user-friendly interface, ensure that alerts are sent on time.

DoorBird WiFi Video Doorbell D101S – Best Premium PoE Doorbell

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The German-made Doorbird D101S video doorbell is at the top of the market for video doorbells. In fact, DoorBird promotes it as a “video intercom station” rather than a traditional video doorbell. But this isn’t just marketing talk; with simple interfaces with automated door and garage openers, among other things, this isn’t just marketing bluster.

DoorBird also offers integrations with smart home appliances from companies like as Chamberlain, Volkswagen, and Control4, to name a few. The company also has a powerful API that allows other manufacturers to become compatible with DoorBird doorbells in the future.

The doorbell itself has that German-engineered feel to it, with a well-designed polycarbonate casing and a stainless steel faceplate to complement the overall design. Also made of stainless steel, the doorbell button has an illuminated LED ring around its circumference.

This surface-mounted doorbell operates on 15V DC power, which is also known as Power over Ethernet, and will be the primary focus of this study. It is also capable of connecting over WiFi, providing an additional backup alternative in case of an emergency.

As with a wireless doorbell, the DoorBird does not scream “plug and play” like a wireless doorbell when it comes to installation. Even for experienced users, it might be difficult at first, but the fast start guide explains each step in great detail to assist you along the way. For those who do not believe they are up to the work, DoorBird may provide recommendations for reputable specialists that can assist you.

The camera is only capable of 720p resolution, which I find to be a little insufficient considering the high price this doorbell commands. The camera was able to identify the Doordash delivery man who flung my order against my front door and then fled away because of the 180° field of detection of the built-in motion sensor on the camera.

I cried out to the person, remembering that there was also an intercom system, but he didn’t appear to notice or care. Regardless, the point I was trying to make was that the whole intercom-style package that the DoorBird gave broadened my options for what I could do with a video doorbell.

You can see your front porch or anywhere you place this doorbell in an almost fisheye lens perspective thanks to the camera’s 180-degree horizontal and 90-degree vertical fields of vision. Because the doorbell’s light sensor automatically activates the night vision feature in the dark, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to switch on the night vision feature as you would otherwise.

The PoE connection performed the best throughout the tests. When I had several of my friends around, I asked them to perform their best impersonation of a dancing legend in front of the camera as a stress test on my own. Besides being able to capture their “amazing” abilities on camera, it was also able to transfer the clip to my phone and PC without any perceptible stuttering or latency.

The DoorBird app is well-designed, with a simple procedure for setting up a new device on the app. Once you’ve finished configuring the camera, the live feed from the device appears in the app. In addition, you may snap screenshots of the live broadcast at any moment by pressing a dedicated button.

The interface is not just restricted to the application. You may browse a website that allows you to do all of the functions of the app but from a computer or laptop. All of these high-quality-of-life characteristics combine to make the DoorBird an excellent option for a high-end consumer.


Superb construction quality

There is no monthly price for the basic features.

Excellent detection of motion

Excellent performance on the PoE

Simple access to replacement parts as well as customization options


Overpriced in comparison to the feature set

Installation requires a degree of technical expertise.

DoorBird D101S WiFi Video Doorbell with Motion Detection

Featuring a high-quality camera and motion detection, as well as excellent PoE performance, the premium DoorBird D101S checks all of the boxes for a premium video’ intercom,’ according to the manufacturer. With simple access to replacement parts and customization choices, this doorbell will allow you to keep chugging along for a very long time.

GBF Upgraded WiFi Video Doorbell – Best Weatherproof PoE Doorbell

Regardless of its name, the GBF Upgraded Video Doorbell is also capable of Power over Ethernet (PoE), and it may be used to see, hear, and talk to the person who is at the door using your smart devices. The Controlcam2 software makes it simple to record the camera stream or take a screenshot, and it does it in a straightforward manner.

I discovered that you may engage the 2-way video and audio monitoring at any time without pressing the bell button, which is a convenient function. The doorbell is integrated with two SPDT relays, which means that I could connect the doorbell to the remote door lock that I already had and have it unlocked when someone I recognized came to the front door.

You can do the same thing using gate openers. The doorbell is waterproof to IP55 standards, which means that when paired with its capacity to open gates, it makes for an excellent option for use with your front gate. It is not suggested, however, if you are using a Power over Ethernet connection.

Besides having a resolution of 1080p, the IP camera also supports ONVIF and RTSP streaming, which allows it to be integrated with my Hikvision NVR camera system, which I installed a few months ago. The 150° field of view is sufficient for most front doors or gates, and the smaller field of view allows for more detail to be captured of objects that are farther away from the camera.

It’s possible to turn on motion detection manually, or you can do what I did and set it up such that a small clip was sent to my email and phone before and during motion detection.

In contrast to the previous GBF doorbell model, the PoE capability is built-in, eliminating the need to purchase an additional adapter in order to connect the doorbell to a network through an ethernet wire. The video feed worked nicely in PoE mode, and I was able to see farther away than I could with ordinary video doorbells without experiencing significant lens distortion.

In addition to the bell button, the doorbell is equipped with a keypad. You may generate temporary access codes whenever you need them for when a visitor wants to get in, or you can establish a permanent code for your own usage. You may even use your phone to manage the relays on an individual basis if you choose.

The GBF Upgraded WiFi Video Doorbell is oriented towards a use case that especially takes use of its weatherproof construction and compatibility with door and gate locks when considering all of the capabilities it offers. This doorbell is the perfect option if you are searching for a weatherproof doorbell for your front gate or if your front door is exposed to the elements on a regular basis.


Control 2-way live video and audio from a distance.

There are two lock control relays.

Certified to IP55 standards

There is no monthly or annual membership cost for any feature.

Code creation is simple.


There will be no face recognition.

PoE Doorbell Buyer’s Cheatsheet

Poe Doorbell Intercom

The following are some of the most significant qualities to look out for when shopping for a PoE-enabled doorbell. Make an educated guess about your use cases and base your selection on that assumption.

Image Quality

This is the most important element to consider when purchasing a video doorbell. When you go to check on who is at your door, the video feed, and, by extension, the camera itself will be the initial point of contact for you to make touch with.

A high-quality camera with a broad field of vision, ideally capable of 1080p, may be the best solution. Still, there are other doorbell cameras that lose a little video quality but make up for it in other ways.

PoE performance

The performance of a PoE camera in PoE mode is unquestionably a significant consideration when purchasing a PoE camera. The performance of most video doorbells is dependent on the ethernet connection or your modem, but some video doorbells are specifically designed to connect via Power over Ethernet (PoE), and these perform significantly better than the ones that were designed to work with a variety of connection methods.

Motion detection

As an added bonus, motion detection is a critical function, with some doorbells depending on accurate motion detection to notify you when someone is at the door. Naturally, the doorbell that yields the fewest number of false positives while still being accurate when someone really comes to your door would be the ideal pick.

Subscription plans

Some doorbell manufacturers need a paid membership or comparable payment in order to access certain functions. The doorbell that can provide the most amount of value while not needing a significant investment in a subscription service would be an excellent option in this situation.

The PoE-tential Winners

While Power over Ethernet (PoE) video doorbells are few and far between, the ones that are available are good alternatives if you are in the market for one.

The Ring Video Doorbell Elite is my top pick overall because of its compatibility with a broad variety of home automation devices, its robust PoE performance, and the high quality of the camera it includes.

The DoorBird D101S is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a premium experience in terms of both style and performance. In the market for a customized and simple to maintain video doorbell? This is the one for you.

GBF Upgraded WiFi Video Doorbell is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a smart video doorbell that can also be used to operate the electric locks on your front door. This doorbell does not need you to pay a monthly membership fee, which is an extra convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq 6

Can cat6 ethernet be used for a Doorbell?

It is possible to power doorbells that support Power over Ethernet with a cat6 ethernet connection using this method (PoE). Ordinary video doorbells will not function properly with this device.

How do I connect my ring doorbell to Ethernet?

The Ring Doorbell Elite is the only Ring doorbell that can be used with an ethernet connection, and it is the only one available. To connect the doorbell to a network, follow the instructions in the Ring Setup handbook.

How do I connect my nest camera to Ethernet?

Power over Ethernet is not supported by any of Nest’s cameras or doorbells by default. It is possible to utilize a PoE adapter; however the network connection that is used to transport data will continue to be WiFi.

Does the Ethernet cable have to be connected to the router?

The ethernet wire that connects your cable modem and computer does not need the use of a router, as long as you do not want to share your internet connection with anybody else. During these instances, you’ll want a router to perform the functions of both a wired switch and a wireless LAN.

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