How To Fix Xfinity WiFi Keeps Disconnecting?

One need that just cannot be compromised in the 21st century is a fast, reliable internet connection.

Suppose, though, that every now and again, your internet connection is lost? There’s nothing worse than being interrupted in the midst of a good show, a crucial meeting, or a browsing session.

Comcast Xfinity with Dish Network is what I have. Voice modem, Moreover, this was not a brand-new issue for me.

My internet had been intermittently disconnecting just two days before. Xfinity pod is going offline now and then.

However, it’s possible that this isn’t the case with Xfinity. Other factors may be at play.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you have the same problem and are searching for answers.

Why Does Xfinity Keep Disconnecting?

Comcast, one of the largest ISPs, promises to offer its customers the finest service possible.

That is, of course. The frequent disconnection of your Xfinity service should not be a problem on the service providers’ side. Look for and fix the following problem.

  1. Cables that have come undone 
  2. Signal interference 
  3. WiFi range 
  4. Service interruption

How To Fix The Xfinity Disconnection Problem?

How To Fix The Xfinity Disconnection Problem

Once you’ve identified the problem, you won’t need the services of a technician or an expert to fix it.

To each of these problems, I’ve outlined all of the potential remedies.

You may want to consider doing the following procedures:

Inspect The Cables

Have you made sure your cable is in good working order? The loose cable may be the result of your Xfinity service being disconnected often.

Make sure the wires aren’t frayed or broken. Whether they’re unfastened, give them a little twist to see if the connection is made.

If it’s restored while being held in a certain way, the connection is shaky.

Also, look to see if the cable has been damaged or the insulation tape peeled away from the wire. If the cable is severely damaged, it must be replaced.

Move The Router

This has a major impact on your router’s performance. If it’s near the ground, move it to a higher spot, preferably one that’s on top of it. Connecting to the internet from a distant room or from a mobile device may be difficult. Outside, Occasionally, your internet service may be interrupted…

Make sure your router isn’t in a crowded or overly decorated area. In addition, your connection may be hampered as a result of this.

My freshly beautiful vase beneath one of the side tables was concealing the router, and that’s when I discovered this problem!

Clean Your Router

Investing in new technology to use it in an unrestricted manner for the rest of your life may be time-consuming. You should treat whatever you own with respect.

Whether you’re not the neat kind, check to see if your router is dusty.

You must maintain it spotless. When dust accumulates on the machine, your connection suffers.

Ports are frequently intended to be left open, so look for dust particles there.

Reduce Connected Devices

How many devices are linked to your wireless router? This has the potential to put a strain on the internet’s capacity.

Disconnect any gadgets that aren’t absolutely essential. By doing this, your internet speed will improve considerably, and you won’t have to worry about losing connection as much.

Reset/Restart Your Router

How to Pick the Right Modem Router Combo for Xfinity

Try rebooting the router if none of the other options work. If it doesn’t work, try these easy methods for resetting it:

  1. Please turn off your router and modem and unplug them.
  2. After a few seconds, reconnect the cable and wait for the connection to establish itself.
  3. Connect the gadget to your home network and turn it on.

Disable Security Software

You may have observed that security software often prevents you from seeing specific results because of concerns about security and privacy.

This may also be the cause of your Xfinity service being interrupted. Connect and see whether you can connect once you disable your security software (for a while).


As a result, check for loose wires, the location of your router, dust on it, the quantity of connected devices, and any potential flagging by your security system.

If your connection is still down even after resolving all of these issues, you may always contact Comcast service providers for more assistance.

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