Why is ADT Doorbell Camera Blinking Red?

Keeping your house safe is a top priority. In order to guarantee that your home security gear is functioning correctly, you should check it every day.

If your doorbell’s red light is flashing, it implies the battery is running low, or the camera is about to malfunction. If this happens, you’ll need to have it recharged right away. There is a possibility that your doorbell is no longer connected to the internet.

When hardware malfunctions, it might send out signals that seem to be going in the wrong direction. Hardware-related difficulties are a constant reminder that there is a serious issue that must be addressed immediately. You can add another layer of protection to your smart home by using the Ring Doorbell’s sophisticated video surveillance. A sequence of flashing red lights appeared on my Ring Doorbell after it had been installed, and I wanted to know more about what the lights were indicating.

What’s up with my Ring Doorbell’s Red LED? Light cues are used by the Ring Doorbell system to identify possible problems or to convey a message. A flashing red light indicates that it’s time to charge your gadget.

A number of troubleshooting methods may be taken if you’re having issues with your Ring Doorbell’s red lights.

A flickering red light on your ADT doorbell camera might imply a variety of things. This is a sign that something is wrong and that you must alter your perspective in order to fix it. You can find detailed instructions on how to repair your issue here.

Why does Your ADT Doorbell Camera Blink Red?

Why does Your ADT Doorbell Camera Blink Red

The ADT doorbell camera may be flashing red for one of two reasons.

  • This implies that you’ll have to charge your system right away if your battery dies.
  • The ADT system is unable to function due to an unstable network connection.

Compared to the battery problem, the internet problem is a lot simpler to repair. So, that’s what we’ll focus on initially.

Using the ADT Pulse app, check your Wi-Fi network. There is a possibility that the router has a problem or that there is a problem with the signal. Also, it’s conceivable that the signal has been cut off for some reason.

There may be an issue with your internet if your ADT doorbell has a red ring light surrounding it. If this is the case, you need to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Everything will return to normal as soon as the connection is established and the red light goes out.

How to Charge the Battery of My Doorbell Camera?

How to Charge the Battery of My Doorbell Camera

You should immediately recharge your ADT doorbell if you see the red light flashing rapidly. This means the battery is running low, and you should replace it as soon as possible.

There’s a potential that the battery has a few hours or maybe a day left. This is when you plug in your gadget to the power source. This is a far more difficult operation than just plugging in the doorbell camera’s power cord.

Remove the faceplate from your doorbell first. You’ll be able to plug your device into a charging station using this. To fully charge your battery, connect your remote USB connection to a power source and wait for the battery level to rise to 100%. Charge time is around forty-five minutes.

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