How to Fix Amazon Error Code 9068 on Amazon Prime Video?

It has been reported that the Prime Video problem number 9068 is a new fault that affects the library, rendering many collections inaccessible for viewing. It may also impact the Prime Video display, causing areas of the home screen to become inaccessible.

As a result, receiving this error might be a frustrating experience. But don’t be concerned! We’ve put together all of the information you’ll need to be successful about the problem and how to resolve it.

Know the Reasons Behind Amazon Error Code 9068 on Amazon Prime Video:

Third-party device compatibility and geographical access difficulties, as well as third-party device compatibility and geographical access problems, seem to be more widespread on Roku devices and for users outside of the United States.

However, it continues to impact users of other devices, such as Smart TVs, PlayStation 4, other gadgets, and users in the United States. There is a multitude of additional possible explanations for why this error occurred, including:

  • On the device, there is corrupted software or hardware data.
  • The Amazon Prime video app is out of date.
  • A viral issue that impacts the devices or app data for a short period.
  • There is an issue on the Amazon server’s end.
  • There is a problem with device compatibility.

Steps to Fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 9068:

If you are experiencing Amazon error number 9068, try one of the following solutions:

1. Reboot your Streaming Device

It is normal for damaged device data and virus problems to be merely transitory difficulties that may resolve by simply restarting the device in question. The following are the procedures to take to restart your Roku device:

  • Select ‘Settings‘ from your smartphone’s ‘Home page‘ and then ‘Advanced.’
  • Navigate to the Settings menu and choose ‘System‘ from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Select “Restart” from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page, and then confirm your selection by hitting “OK” on the remote control to restart your device.
  • You may also restart your device (whether it’s a Roku or another kind) by turning it off, removing the power cable for around two minutes, and then turning it back on.

2. Remove it Then Register Your Device from Amazon Prime Video

If there is a problem with consistency between your device and the Amazon Prime server, the error number 9068 will be shown. This is something that often happens while utilizing a new streaming device.

The problem may be rectified by uninstalling the device and re-registering it with the computer. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to for more information.
  • Log in using the credentials connected with your account Amazon Prime membership.
  • A guide to the “Registered Devices” area, where you may choose the “Remove Your Register Device” option to have your device removed from the system.
  • Sign out of your account and then sign back in.
  • An explanation of the “Registered Device” option, followed by clicking “Register Your Device.”
  • Fill out the form with the information about your device and click “Submit” to finish the registration process.

When you have successfully registered your device, please switch it on and use the Amazon Prime Video app or channel to begin watching your favorite content once again.

Amazon Error Code 9068

3. Ensure that Your App is Up-to-Date

Another possible cause of error 9068 and a variety of other Amazon Prime movies not functioning difficulties is an earlier version of the app. In general, most devices will update their apps and channels on their own unless they have been turned off for an extended measure of time or have been unplugged from the internet.

By simply turning on your Roku device and making sure that your internet connection is active, you may update your Amazon Prime app and other apps that you may be using. It will allow you to upgrade the Prime Video app, fixing any virus concerns that may have occurred before.

When you get the Amazon error number 9068, it may be a frustrating experience. However, by implementing the solutions listed above, you should resolve the issue and resume streaming. The individuals who are as yet having issues might reach out to contact Amazon Prime customer service for extra assistance and troubleshooting.

Amazon Prime Video is a video-on-demand streaming service that provides access to a wide choice of movies, television series, and videos through the internet. Prime offers everything from dubbed anime to classic films and TV shows in terms of entertainment. If you’re searching for anything amusing, Prime is the place to go.

However, you may have to deal with a technical issue or two from time to time. Perhaps the most frequently experienced problem by users is, which might interfere with their watching experience, is the Amazon error number 9068.

Final Thoughts

What already provided the information about how to resolve Amazon error number 9068. In addition, I highlighted the underlying cause of the problem. You may resolve the problem if you follow the instructions on this page. I hope the information in the following paragraphs is useful to you.

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Last update on 2023-11-30

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