Amazon Firestick Remote Not Working: How To Fix (2023)

My old LCD TV had become a smart TV when I connected it to a Fire Stick, and I’d been enjoying it tremendously since I did so. To put it bluntly, when the remote quit was functioning all of a sudden, it made my experience with the Fire Stick much less enjoyable.

I didn’t give it much thought and just restarted the gadget. It returned to normal, but it would not function when I attempted to use the remote control again later. When I was Googling for the reason why my remote appeared to stop functioning out of nowhere, I came across several possible answers and solutions.

I was able to fix the problem by just replacing the remote’s batteries; however, it seems this is a common problem. Searching through many online sites for answers is not only irritating, but it may take a long time as well. Therefore, I prepared a list of tried-and-true methods that will have your Fire Stick remote up and running in minutes, every single time.

If your Firestick remote isn’t working, the quickest and most straightforward solution is changing the batteries and inspecting the compartment for any residue. However, there are many additional options available. I’ve included additional information about the many options you may try out further down the page.

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Check the FireStick Remote Batteries

After a short while, you’ll notice that the Fire Stick remote drains the battery very fast. In other words, if your Fire Stick remote suddenly ceases to function without providing any warning, the batteries are almost certainly the cause.

Check the batteries in your remote control and always have a supply of replacement alkaline batteries on hand since the remote does not provide any warning when the batteries are low.

Ensure there are no deposits or residue if your battery has spilled while you’re inspecting the batteries since they may interfere with your remote’s functionality.

Is the FireStick Remote Paired?

Your batteries seem to be in good condition, yet your remote continues to malfunction? Check to see whether you’re remote is properly linked with your computer.

If your Fire Stick is fresh new, it should have already been configured to work with your smartphone. Alternatively, if you have purchased a new remote and noticed that the remote had not been linked, you will need to connect it manually. Here’s how to connect your Fire Stick control with your Fire TV device:

  • Connect the Fire Stick gadget to the HDMI connector on your television.
  • Turn on your Fire Stick and your television.
  • Press and hold the “Home” button for at least 10 seconds after turning on the Fire Stick device using the remote.
  • If the device is unable to connect with the computer, press and hold the “Home” button for 10 to 20 seconds. It is possible that you may have to repeat the procedure two or three times before the pairing is successful.

Take note that your Fire Stick can only connect to a maximum of seven devices at a time through Bluetooth. It is necessary to unplug at least one device if you have surpassed this limit.

Here’s how to unplug a device from your computer:

  • To access the Settings menu on the Fire Stick’s home screen, go to the top menu bar and choose “Settings.”
  • Select “Controllers & Bluetooth Devices” from the drop-down menu.
  • The device you want to unpair may be found in the list of devices; just pick it and follow the on-screen instructions.

Reset the FireStick remote

It is possible that the buttons on your Fire Stick remote will not function if your remote has not been properly connected with the device.

In certain instances, connecting the device with the computer may resolve the problem. You may, however, reset the device and re-pair it again if it does not solve the problem.

The following is the procedure for resetting your device:

  • Remove your Fire Stick adapter, or the device itself, from its power source and set it aside.
  • For at least 20 seconds, press the Menu, Back, and Left buttons on the Navigation ring at the same time.
  • Remove the batteries from the remote control for your Fire Stick.
  • Connect your Fire Stick device or adapter to a power source again and wait for the Home screen to display on your computer.
  • Replacing the batteries in your Fire Stick remote control is simple.
  • Wait for a minute or two to check whether your remote automatically connects with the device you’re using.
  • In the event that it does not work, press and hold the Home button on the remote for at least 10 seconds to connect it with the computer.

Is Your Fire Stick Remote Compatible?

In this case, the remote control that comes with the Fire Stick will work with your device. Make certain that any new remote you purchase is compatible with your existing system before you use it. The Fire Stick is compatible with a wide variety of in-house remote controls and Amazon and third-party controllers.

For Amazon goods, you will note that the product explicitly indicates whether or not it is compatible with Fire Stick; similarly, third-party controllers should clearly declare whether or not they are compatible with Fire Stick.

Unfortunately, there are a number of low-cost imitation Fire Stick remotes available for purchase on the internet. While these gadgets seem to be effective for a period of time, they are not a long-term solution.

Amazon Fire TV Remote App – Your Backup

The Amazon Fire TV Remote App may be downloaded to your smartphone if no other method seems to work or if you have run out of extra batteries. Android and iOS devices may use the software, which turns your smartphone into a remote control for the Amazon Fire TV stick. Before installing the app, your Fire Stick device and your smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Other Ways To Deal With An Unresponsive Fire Stick Remote

With these simple fixes, you should have your Fire Stick remote up and running in no time. Remember that although the Fire Stick remote control operates on Bluetooth rather than infrared, it should still be within 10 feet of the device to function properly.

Keep the remote out in the open, away from any obstructions or electrical devices that may interfere with the signal since they might cause interference.


1. How do I unfreeze my Fire Stick remote?

For at least five to ten seconds, simultaneously press the choose button and the play/pause button until you see the device restarting.

2. How do I hard reset my fire stick?

To reset your Fire Stick to factory defaults:
For ten seconds, simultaneously press the Back and Right buttons on the Navigation circle.
To proceed with factory resetting, pick “Continue” on the screen.
A few seconds later, the gadget will automatically restart if you don’t do anything.

3. How do I pair a new Fire Stick remote without the old one?

In order to set up a new remote for the Fire Stick:
The Amazon Fire TV remote may be found in the Controls and Bluetooth section of the Settings menu. Add an additional remote control to the system. 10 long presses on the remote “Home” button.

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