The Best Soundbars Under $200 – Comparison & Reviews

It’s not only about the price when looking for a nice soundbar under $200; its all about the products some attractive facts as value, quality, durability, markets reviews and many other facts.

To make it easier for you, we asked our audio lab testers to put up a list of the best ones that came out on top in their evaluations. Here are the top soundbars under $200 that are both robust and dependable:

Our Reviews

Bose Solo 5

Suppose you’re looking to add an audio system to the entertaining unit that you already have on your home or commercial place. In that case, Bose creates some of the most popular audio devices on the market, and they have a variety of alternatives.

A greater performance when compared to your TV speakers is what you can expect from a soundbar for around $200. If you’re watching a movie or a television program, we found that it performed well and that the characters’ words could be easily heard.

Bluetooth connection is offered for those who want a wireless streaming experience for a more smooth viewing session. At the moment you are establishing a connection to Bose Solo 5 soundbar to your smartphone, the improvement in sound quality and clarity will be immediately noticeable. If you like singing as well, this is a fantastic alternative

All in all, we believe that this is the greatest soundbar under $200 that we have found so far.


  • Setup is straightforward and straightforward. Then, using a cable, link the TV set and audio system together, and that’s it you have done that part.
  • This soundbar is easy to mount on your wall.
  • The universal remote control may be used to adjust all of the speaker settings.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is required for phone communication.


  • Slender optical cable
  • Dolby Atmos isn’t supported since HDMI ARC isn’t available.

TCL Alto 6+

It’s rare to come across a device that’s both reasonably priced and has a dedicated subwoofer. The TCL Alto 6+ enhances your audio content without sacrificing the bass. Dolby Digital is supported, and there are music, news, and movie sound modes available on the soundbar subwoofer combination to further enhance your listening experience.

In terms of connectivity, the Alto 6+ offers the greatest alternatives, such as HDMI, Bluetooth, and optical connectors, as well as USB 3.0. Connecting your headphones through a wire is as simple as plugging them in and listening within minutes.


  • digital decoding of Dolby surround sound
  • The presence of several links
  • Setup is quick and simple.
  • distinct sonic settings
  • ready to use Roku streaming media player
  • Features a wall-mountable subwoofer


  • Audiovisual synchronization is a complex process that will take some time to master
  • Within a range of 33 feet, using Bluetooth is highly recommended.

Samsung 2.1 HW-R450 – Runner Up, Best Overall

Samsung, a tech behemoth, is well-known for  their manufactured  audio and video-conducting devices, such as headphones and a surround sound system. As we’ve said, one of our picks for best wireless subwoofers is the Samsung R450, which has an impressive frequency response of 43 to 20 kHz. Products like the HW-T450 and HW-R550 are available from Samsung and are equivalent.

It’s the first smart soundbar on our list, and it’ll automatically modify its settings based on the audio material it’s playing back. If you’d rather connect through Bluetooth, it includes that as well.

Samsung TVs and this soundbar have been engineered to operate together seamlessly. It’s one of the best soundbars for Samsung TVs under $200 if you have a Samsung TV and can afford it.


  • When you listen to music, watch movies, or watch TV, you’ll be completely absorbed by the bass response of the Samsung R450.Game mode boosts performance so every player can enjoy immersive game content
  • Use a Bluetooth wireless connection to listen to music and watch videos from streaming sources.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth and HDMI ARC


  • There isn’t an HDMI cable available.
  • The bass from the subwoofer isn’t very strong.
  • There isn’t any Dolby Atmos support.

TaoTronics Three Equalizer Mode – Excellent Connectivity

With the Taotronics top soundbar, you’ll get the surround-like sound that covers your whole living room. This is an excellent improvement for the money if you want to be completely immersed in the audio experience.

The three separate equalization settings let you fine-tune and enhance the sound of this soundbar. The soundbar TV audio may be tailored to your preferences using the bar’s three preset settings (like other soundbars like the Yamaha ATS 1080 and the YAS-108).

Despite its small size, the TaoTronics Three Equalizer Mode Soundbar delivers a comprehensive home theater experience.


  • Installing a home theater system for the first time
  • There are three distinct equalization modes included in the speakers.
  • Your selected settings will be shown on the LED screen.
  • Sleek design, materials, and construction
  • Soundbar with a small footprint
  • An excellent TV setup for the bedroom


  • It’s incompatible with HDMI cables.
  • A universal remote control is not compatible with this product.

Polk Audio Signa S2

Polk Audio Signa S2

Even though it costs more than our maximum, the Polk Audio Signa S2 is a great soundbar for the money. A powerful subwoofer is included, so you’ll get deep bass tones with it. Polk’s Voice Adjust Technology optimizes the soundbar’s five powerful full-range speakers.

Dolby Digital may be decoded by the soundbar subwoofer combination, resulting in exceptional sound quality for the price. The Signa S2 comes with Bluetooth as standard, even at this low price. You don’t have to connect cables to your mobile devices to enjoy your video because of its wireless streaming capabilities.


  • There is a Bluetooth connection available.
  • decoding of Dolby Digital audio
  • There are five full-range speakers and a subwoofer on the system.
  • There are several ways to connect to the Polk Voice Adjust Technology.
  • Compatibility with every single device


  • Some Samsung televisions are not compatible with this feature.
  • There is absence of screen.

VIZIO SB2920-C6 – Best in Compatibility

When it comes to great entertainment technology, Vizio is a well-known name to look for. A relatively compact soundbar (29 inches in diameter), this Vizio device is compatible with the majority of televisions. For this reason, it is an excellent option if you are short on cash.

A soundbar that costs less than one hundred dollars may provide you with a listening experience that is 95 decibels (dB) of crystal pure sound with hardly discernible total harmonic distortion (less than 1 percent).

Hz (HZ) to 19 Kilohertz (kHz) is the frequency range of the Vizio soundbar (kHz). As a result, an otherwise ordinary movie is transformed into a full-fledged cinema experience. With the remote or the control pad, you can quickly configure the speakers and alter the volume levels, among other things.

Aside from providing an excellent audio experience, the Vizio SB2920-C6 is simple to set up (find our review here). Just plug in the cord from the soundbar to your TV and you’re good to go.


  • Your room will be filled with 95 decibels of crystal clear sound when you use this Vizio soundbar.
  • It incorporates DTS Studio SoundTM, Tru Volume TM, and TruSurround TM, among other technologies.
  • The Vizio SB2920-C6’s compact design allows it to mix in seamlessly with your home’s décor.
  • It has incredible full-range stereo speakers, which are built within the soundbar.


  • It’s a little heavier and thicker than comparable soundbars.
  • There will be no Dolby Atmos or Dolby Digital.

BYL 100Watt Soundbar – Best Sound For Cheap

On the condition or facts of yoyr TV and available space, you may select between the BYL 100 Watt Soundbar in 28-inch or 40-inch sizes, all of which have been improved.

With the remote control, you may alter the inner system the way that runs and choose from a variety of EQ sound types. With TVs, this greatly simplifies the process of setting them up and getting them to work. An external subwoofer may improve the bottom end of music and movies for bass enthusiasts by amplifying the bass.

If you wish to restore this fantastic soundbar to its factory settings, all you have to do is press the reset button on the remote control. To guarantee the optimal audio quality, the treble and bass may be adjusted as well.

This is an excellent pick for a soundbar under $200 since, like many mid-range versions, it comes with a 1-year guarantee and lifetime technical support.


  • Excellent construction quality.
  • LED lights allow users complete control over the settings.
  • With the reset button, you may restore your computer to its factory settings.
  • Three different EQ audio modes are provided using high-quality DPS technology.
  • The bass is enhanced by the use of an external subwoofer.
  • With minimum interruption, you may listen to music and have a conversation.
  • A one-year guarantee and lifetime technical assistance are included in the purchase price of this item.


  • On television, the volume levels are not shown.
  • There is currently no option for an HMDI connection.

Soundbar Under $200 Buying Guide

Having a good understanding of what to look for may significantly reduce the amount of research you have to do for many individuals who are new to this. For you there might be not enough time to spend in combing every website information for various options, so we’ve done the research for you and come up with a list of the most vital facts that would defiantly be useful when you are going to you next buy. 


Having a good understanding of what to look for may significantly reduce the amount of research you have to do for many individuals who are new to this. You may not have the time to spend combing every website for various options, so we’ve done the research for you and come up with a list of the most important things to look for when making your next purchase.


Budget soundbars may be the only ones that provide Bluetooth connection at a reasonable price in this price range. When linked to a mobile phone, this enables for convenient access to the soundbar, which transforms it into a stereo speaker. Soundbars in this price range are also often equipped with optical and USB connections.

You may connect your new item to a range of other devices, including TVs, mobile phones, laptops, and gaming systems, via an HDMI connection or other digital audio outputs. A subwoofer that integrates some of these features is already a fantastic bargain.

Smart Soundbar

Using a smart soundbar cuts down on the amount of labor and settings you have to fiddle with. However, there are soundbars under $200 that can automatically adjust the volume and settings to match the room’s acoustics, even without Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Siri.

Many of the best soundbars under $300, like the Roku Smart Soundbar, come equipped with modern capabilities like Alexa voice control.

Sound Channels

The better the audio will sound if the soundbar has more channels or drivers. When you reach level 5, the speakers will begin to simulate surround sound. Dolby Digital or even Dolby Atmos might be included. Try to find one with at least three channels if you can (left, right and center). When we tested the 3.0 channel Bose Soundbar 500, the sound was exceptionally detailed across a wide range of media.

It’s hard to go wrong with any of these terrific picks: the Vizio V21H8, Vizio V51H6, Sony HT-S350/CT390/HW-T550/. For audio and video, Roku Smart Soundbars and Roku Streambars (audio-only) are excellent soundbars.

A tiny soundbar like the Zvox Accuvoice is a good choice for action movie fans who want stronger speech and sound effects, even if it’s less expensive than most.

Remote Control

Good soundbars feature a remote or an app that works with them to make your life simpler at home.

Dolby Atmos soundbars, for example, include a display screen on the front with physical control buttons. For simpler settings, look for a soundbar with this feature.


The location of your soundbar is another factor to think about. How will you be displaying it? Will it be on a table, on a shelf near your TV, or on the wall? To add value, some items include wall mounts or a mounting stand. Many choices, such as the Signa S2, are pre-drilled for installation.

This may be required in addition to the soundbar in certain circumstances. In addition, there’s a matter of scale to consider. There are many soundbars with a small footprint, such as the ZVox Accuvoice AV157, Sony HT-S350, Samsung HW-R550, Samsung HW-T550, and TCL Alto 8i.



It is possible to get excellent soundbars for under $200 that are covered by warranties and guarantees. In addition to providing comfort, it demonstrates that they believe in their product enough to stand behind it. Soundbars, after all, are devices you employ to improve your home theater system.

Our Top Pick for the Best Soundbar Under $200: Bose Solo 5

Bose is a well-known name when it comes to sound. Thus the Solo 5 from Bose may be the most expensive alternative. They’ve consistently shown their mastery of audio systems and superior product workmanship in their work throughout the years

You won’t have to squint to make out the conversation on TV. The outstanding sound quality model will clearly enunciate and hear every word in the text. Almost all Blu-ray discs have Dolby Digital audio and video content. Our best budget soundbar, the Bose Solo 5, lets you enjoy high-quality audio without breaking the bank.

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