What Are The Best Web Browsers For Your Smart TV?

With the introduction of smart TVs, internet surfing is no longer confined to desktop PCs.

Smart TVs’ bigger screens and user-friendly interfaces provide for a more pleasurable experience while watching content.

However, which internet browser do you use to surf the Internet in the best possible way?

The following are contenders for the title of best smart tv web browser:

  • Puffin TV BrowserGoogle Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Samsung Internet Browser
  • TVWeb Browser
  • Web Browser for Android TV
  • Mirroring your computer

In this post, you’ll learn more about the web as mentioned above browsers, as well as about smart TV online surfing in general.

Browsing the Web on a Smart TV: An Overview

As a result of smart TVs, the way we consume media has changed. A cable connection is no longer required. Some individuals are fine with streaming everything, from Netflix to YouTube to just surfing the web to meet their media demands.

This seems impossible, however.

In other words, a Smart TV is a computer that you can watch on your couch. They’re no longer simply an ostentatious display in a durable case with a basic user interface for interacting with the numerous inputs available to them.

They are equipped with more advanced internals, such as CPUs and memory, much like a standard desktop or laptop computer.

If they don’t, smart TVs come with set-top boxes that link to the TV through computer hardware and Software.

In reality, several manufactures, including LG, Sony, Toshiba, NVIDIA, Philips, and Xiaomi, run Android or a variant of it on their Smart TVs so that you can compare them to smartphones.

They can now run Android applications, but only those specifically intended to run aboard hardware and not all Android apps.

Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Hotstar are all available, as others like YouTube.

This means that web surfing applications will also be made available on the platform.

Using a smart TV to browse the Internet is it a viable option? The solution would be dependent on the application.

Because Smart TVs are intended for video playback rather than running intricate and resource-intensive apps, the hardware you’d find inside is in keeping with this design philosophy.

As a result, you should lower your expectations since you won’t handle 18 tabs of Web browsers without experiencing slowness.

Instead of the normal 2GHz CPU found in PCs, smart TVs feature weak CPUs that operate at 1.2GHz on average, rather than the newest and brightest multicore processors from companies like Intel and AMD that can run at speeds of up to 5GHz.

In addition, the normal web developer would not necessarily consider designing websites that are responsive enough to match the size of a television screen well enough to provide a customized experience.

However, some excellent web designers have the forethought to create flexible websites that adapt to any screen size or resolution.

Internet browsers that have already been tuned to work smoothly on your TV’s hardware would be beneficial since your TV needs as much aid as possible.

Let’s get started with the top Smart TV web browsers straight now.

Puffin TV Browser For Your Smart TV

Look no farther than this web browser if you’re using Android TV and want a free option.

Movies, movies, games, and music can all be streamed using this handy little browser.

Because it’s not simply a repackaged Android mobile software, but one designed specifically for accessing the web on a Smart TV, it’s also one of the few websites that supports the Android TV remote right out of the box.

It also includes Software Like adobe (RIP Adobe Flash) and Java, so you can easily access dynamically generated content on websites.

Additionally, sideloading concerns are eliminated since the Puffin TV-Browser may be downloaded directly from Android Play Store.

Installing programs remotely on other devices like mobile phones or smart TVs is known as sideloading and may be done by browsing the Google Play Store on a PC.

It is possible to unblock geo-restricted material on your preferred streaming services by using VPNs supported by the Puffin TV-Browser.

Google Chrome For Your Smart TV

Google Chrome For Your Smart TV

According to estimates, Google Chrome has a share in the market of 63.38 percent, making it the most widely used web browser on the planet.

It would be reasonable to expect to locate a version of that on the Latest Android Play Store. However, this is not the case.

Thanks to Google Play Store’s remote installation capabilities, you may still sideload the program onto any Android TV by accessing the Android Market on a different device, such as your PC.

Your connections, emails, and browsing history will all be synchronized between your Android phone and the desktop version of the Software.

However, using your Android TV control to operate the browser may be difficult.

Some users, though, may prefer it since it’s a no-cost alternative.

Mozilla Firefox For Your Smart TV

Like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox maintains a significant enough market share to remain relevant even after many years in the market, which makes it unexpected that it does not have an official version available on the Google Play Store.

However, much like with Chrome, Sideloading can save the day.

The fact that Mozilla Firefox can be installed and used with additions like uBlock, which prevents you from seeing annoying adverts while you’re surfing the web, sets it distinct from Chrome’s mobile Android version.

Firefox synchronizes your history as well. It’s possible that using an Android TV remote control from this web browser will be a pain.

Samsung Internet Browser For Your Smart TV

Consumer-grade technology behemoth Samsung was a popular option among early users of smart television technology.

Because of their Galaxy series of smartphones, you may assume that they are running the most efficient version of Android available.

Contrary to popular belief, they do not. The vast majority of Samsung’s Smart TVs and Smart Kitchen appliances are powered by the company’s proprietary operating system, TizenOS.

The Samsung Internet Browser, which is included with this operating system, is a web browser.

The Latest Android Google Play Store does not include this app, and it can only be loaded via Sideloading.

Even so, unless you’re utilizing a Samsung Smart TV, this browser is a letdown.

It has a built-in video assistant to make streaming videos easier and a wide range of applications that can do everything from translating web pages into multiple languages to preventing adverts when surfing the Internet and viewing videos.

Unfortunately, the great majority of these add-ons can only be found on the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store. Unfortunately.

TV Web Browser For Your Smart TV

It is similar to Firefox Broadcasting. It is an app that has been particularly created to function on the latest Android operating system instead of the Android TV itself.

A column on the hand side of the page, which shows your preferred internet sites, bookmarks, and the Settings Menu, is created specifically for surfing on a smart TV.

You can also use your Android TV remote to operate an incorporated voice control, bookmarks, a history of your surfing activity, and an on-screen pointer.

It’s only feasible because the app was specifically designed for something like the Android TV version of windows.

The most important feature is that TVWeb Browser is completely available for free download and use.

Web Browser for Android TV

When you hear the moniker, you may believe this Software has no opportunity against a much more well-known internet browser on the platform, but you’d be wrong.

Those searching for a convenient and simple web browser that supports bookmarks and HTML5 full-screen movies will love this one.

Mirroring your computer To Browse The Web on Your Smart TV

Mirroring your computer To Browse The Web on Your Smart TV

Final suggestion: Replicating your desktop PC as a solution to your online surfing conundrum.

Chromecast technology is included in Android TV set-top boxes, allowing you to utilize your computer’s browser on your TV.

Important to note is that this is not a browser extension for smart TVs but rather a method of projecting your windows Machine onto a smart television instead.

It is possible that people seeking a unique, platform-specific experience would choose this alternative despite this disadvantage (like, say, Safari from iOS, or even Opera, a reliable yet niche web browser).


Even if using a smart TV as a web browser isn’t the intended purpose, it is doable and maybe a positive experience if you use the right browser.

The Puffin TV-Browser is a well-rounded program built from the bottom up to support the Android TV remote.

Google Chrome is a good choice if you want a familiar layout and the ability to sync your connections, email, and browsing history.

Mozilla Firefox has an ad-blocker built-in, so it’s a good choice if you want something free.

Also, if none of these options appeal to you, you may always utilize a specialty web browser by mirroring your computer (like Opera or Safari).

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there an Internet browser on Smart TV?

Samsung Smart TVs, for example, include an in-built web browser.

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