How to Connect JBL Speakers Together? Step To Step (2022)

How To Connect JBL Speakers to iPhone

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect two or more JBL speakers wirelessly. You can link over 100 JBL speakers together (but only with the JBL Connect+ function, only available on certain speakers). You can easily connect numerous JBL speakers via Bluetooth, and you may enhance the volume of your music by up to 100 times if you so choose.

A function called “JBL Connect” is available on JBL speakers like the Flip, the Charge, the Extreme, the Pulse, the Clip, the Boombox, and others. This technology enables you to connect several JBL speakers.

If you own two or more JBL speakers from any of these series equipped with the JBL Connect function, you may connect them and play music from all of them simultaneously. Take note that if you wish to connect 100 JBL speakers, you must ensure that all of them have the “JBL Connect+” function rather than the “JBL Connect” feature.

Using at least two JBL speakers in conjunction, you may experience stronger stereo music with more bass. There is no better way to entertain large groups of people outside than by connecting numerous Having a great time with JBL speakers.

Assuming that you like music and spend most of your time away from home, you should consider purchasing two or more JBL speakers rather than assembling a home audio system. With just two JBL speakers, the sound quality is comparable to that of a home theater system. To link numerous JBL speakers together, you may use the JBL Connect app, available for free download. It is, however, really simple to connect all speakers using Bluetooth if you do not want to utilize an application.

Connecting JBL Speakers Together

Connect JBL Speakers Together

The following are the actions to take to connect numerous JBL speakers.

1. Turn ON All JBL Speakers

You may be attempting to connect two or more JBL speakers. Consequently, switch on all of the speakers you want to group in the first step.

2. Connect All JBL Speakers To Source

After you have switched on all of your JBL speakers, use Bluetooth to connect them all to your smartphone or any other source, such as an iPad, computer, or another electronic device. It would be best to link them all to the same smartphone for this to work. Your smartphone may restrict the number of speakers that may connect.

3. Play Audio From Source

When all of your JBL speakers are linked to the source, alternatively, you may start playing audio from your phone or laptop. There will only be room for one JBL speaker in your room. to play this audio track.

4. Press The “Connect” Button on Playing JBL Speaker

As to what music will be played through one of your JBL speakers, you will need to connect to the other speakers to complete the setup. The “Connect” button should be located on the speaker from which the audio is played.

5. Press The “Connect” Button on Other JBL Speakers

After that, in the last stage, hit the identical “Join” button on each of the additional JBL speakers that you wish to connect. As a preliminary step, make sure they are connected to the power supply.

You have completed your task. Now that all of your JBL speakers have been linked together, they may all play audio from a single source simultaneously.

FAQs: Connecting Multiple JBL Speakers Together


Some of the questions may leave you scratching your head you’ve heard about connecting JBL speakers together. As a result, we have answered them in advance for your convenience.

1. How do I disconnect one JBL speaker from many connected together?

It is possible to disconnect a speaker in two different ways when a group of JBL speakers is connected and playing together. Pressing “Connect” one more time is an option once more or turning off the speaker. Only that single speaker will be unplugged in this manner, while all other speakers will continue to play audio normally.

2. Can I connect JBL Flip and JBL Charge speakers together?

The “JBL Connect” function is available on both the JBL Flip and the JBL Charge speaker series so that you may connect the two speakers together.

3. Why my JBL speakers do not connect together?

Only JBL speakers are allowed with the “JBL Connect” function can connect. This function will not be available on any of your speakers. As a result, your JBL speakers will not pair with one another.


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