How to Fix: Ring Doorbell Not Connecting to Wi-Fi? (2023)

It has been a while since I’ve used the Ring Doorbell, but it has made my life a lot easier in many ways. If someone knocks on the door and I’m too busy working to hear them, it sends me a notification. Due to the fact that I am typically listening to music on my phone, any notifications that come in are heard via my headphones, which has proven to be very useful on many occasions.

When the device is not connected to WiFi, it is unable to perform these functions. I was unable to get alerts for an essential shipment arrival since my computer would not connect to my home network one day. Simply put, this would not do, so I turned to the internet to find out precisely what was going on and how I might correct the problem.

To troubleshoot a non-connecting Ring Doorbell to WiFi, verify your WiFi connection and make sure that your credentials are correct. Maintain the range of your Rind Doorbell in relation to your WiFi Router. For anyone who finds that their Ring Doorbell is still unable to connect to WiFi, I’ve added instructions on how to Reset your Ring Doorbell and change the WiFi Channel in this article.

Why Does Ring Doorbell Not Connect To WiFi?

There are a variety of variables that contribute to a lack of connection. Examine each of them in-depth to determine if there is anything you can do to fix them.

Ring Doorbell Not Connecting To WiFi: How To Fix It?

  • Wrong WiFi Password: A minor mistake in entering a password may be a problem in some situations.
  • Poor WiFi Signal: Depending on how powerful your network connection is, the device may not be able to connect. Having your Ring Doorbell placed on your door or anywhere else far away from your network may cause this problem. Additionally, delays in alerts, chimes, and other similar sounds may occur as a result of this problem.
  • Battery and Power Issues: If your gadget is powered by a battery, it may not be able to connect if the battery is running low on charge.
    Make sure that your doorbell is fully charged in order to prevent this problem. Even if the gadget is powered, a temporary loss of power maybe to a fault.
  • Hidden WiFi Networks: Some WiFi routers feature so-called “hidden” networks, which are networks whose names are not made public and whose passwords are not revealed. It will be impossible for your device to join a network if your network connection is concealed.
  • Electrical Connectivity Issues: For a device that is not powered by a battery, a breakdown in the external wiring may be the cause of the connection failure. If you have your Ring Doorbell installed without an existing doorbell, this is more than likely the case.

How Can Fix the WiFi Connectivity on Ring Doorbell?

  • Your WiFi password has special characters: You may create an impromptu arrangement by temporarily changing your WiFi password. Once the new password has been generated and configured, a connection between the device and the network will be established.
    At a later point, you may revert back to your previous WiFi password if you so choose. Please remember to reset your device and set it up again once you have finished preventing any problems down the road.
  • Poor WiFi Signal: Try moving the router closer to the device to see if it helps to improve the signal strength. When everything else fails, you may consider purchasing a repeater or a booster for your WiFi router to extend the range of your network.
  • Battery and Power Issues: In order for the Ring Doorbell battery to survive the typical 6-12 months, it must have a power and voltage requirement of at least 16V.
  • Hidden WiFi Networks: During the setup process, choose the “Add Hidden Network” option and enter the name of your network precisely as it appears on your computer’s screen.
  • Electrical Connectivity Issues: Possibly, in this instance, the exterior wiring is defective. If you switch off the power, I recommend that you examine the wiring to ensure that all connections are secure. A short circuit or blown a fuse are both possibilities in this situation.
How to Troubleshoot Ring Doorbell Not Connecting to Wi Fi

Check WiFi Network That You are Trying to Connect is on 2.4Ghz Band

If your network uses the 5 GHz band, there may be another reason why your Ring device is having trouble finding your network connection. It is only compatible with a 2.4 GHz network that the Ring Doorbell may be used. Alternatively, you must connect to a router that operates on the 2.4 GHz frequency band instead of the 5 GHz frequency band.

The 5.0 GHz band is used by most routers; therefore, if your Ring device cannot detect this network when it is being set up, it will fail to connect to WiFi. This results in the device not being able to connect to WiFi. Generally speaking, you should configure your router to transmit a 2.4 GHz signal in most situations.

I suggest that you consult the user manual for your WiFi router to understand how to broadcast a 2.4 GHz signal since the procedure may vary depending on the router type you have.

Reset Your Ring Device

Resetting your Ring Doorbell may help if your device is still having trouble connecting to WiFi. The orange button on the device’s rear must be pressed and held down in order to do this. This will reset the device, enabling you to start the whole setup procedure over from the very beginning once again.

Check WiFi Channels to Which the Device is Connected (Ring Devices Do Not Support Channel 12 or 13)

The WiFi network broadcasted by your router is broadcasted on one of 13 channels, designed to make it easier to use and prevent interference from other WiFi signals.

It’s important for other devices to communicate with each other in order to function efficiently, particularly if you have a large number of smart home accessories, such as a Ring Doorbell that communicates with HomeKit or another comparable automation platform.

Channels 12 and 13 are not supported by Ring Doorbells. All of the other accessible channels, on the other hand, maybe accessed by these users. As a result, your network may not have shown on the list of WiFi networks that were accessible at the time.

You should consult your router’s user manual if you already utilize one of the channels as mentioned earlier and want to change to another. In order to get the most effective connection, certain WiFi routers automatically switch between channels.

If you are experiencing the same issue with your router, see the user manual for information on how to resolve the situation.


A Ring Doorbell that would not connect to WiFi while you are attempting to connect with a Ring Doorbell that you have just installed may be very irritating. It will be possible to store video from your Ring Doorbell once again once your Ring Doorbell is successfully connected to WiFi.

Please get in touch with Ring Support if the problem continues.” Why not consider purchasing a Ring Chime if you’re searching for ways to enhance your entire Ring Doorbell experience?

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