The Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090 Plasma TV Review (2023)

Pioneer Kuro

I purchased The Pioneer Kuro (Personal Development Planner (PDP-LX5090) in the middle of 2008. The most pleasant television always refers to every day including a verdict display appertaining to 1080 pixel. It has become my television nevertheless within 2020. Presently, I won’t possess a different high-tech gadget that would reside extraordinarily, although it would be supplemental compare to my Devialet sound system, each based on them collectively.

All at once, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) display became upgrading, including each of the available new releases, along with widescreen television had been influencing everyone, including some attractive smooth consoles with superb configurations. Later on, Pioneer Kuro possesses the unique copyright, an unmixed inner evolution.

There have not been blackened stages as we noticed in overdue 2007 (personally in 2008). While a Pioneer Kuro portrays pitch black, it became an unblended blacken shade as the solid black method no longer the most effective the blacken shade oneself. The ethical black idea encloses benefits toward the general exception proceeding from the photos and assessment.

On the way to 2009, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) television possess that remain to acquire less expensive. The Pioneer Kuro Tv set turned out to be very luxurious and the handiest appropriate conducive to professional clients. Presently, a handful of LCD television clients had been such as ourselves as the most users are referring to the masses that have been watching toward reasonably-priced LCD television screens such as 720-pixel prototypes. They have been now won’t be audiovisual recording or cassette recorder experts.

The Pioneer Kuro vend the copyrights affiliation directed toward Panasonic contemporary a bunch based on functioning so as terminated during 2010. Again, the Pioneer Kuro perceive that they came to be overly topped conducive to a marketplace that exists at most proceeded via low expenses.

Therefore, I am notwithstanding possessing my Pioneer Kuro considering the subsequent television, although it possesses a 1080 pixel verdict display and isn’t the most luxurious 4K television among all.

Unquestionably, you could also view 720-pixel films and the television display set that would modify its layout into the bargain it could, carefully thinking about the academy formats. In the end, the Pioneer Kuro affair’s folks or family could possess out-of-date within the Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) global following so as if the Pioneer Kuro had carried on within the global television.

On condition that you won’t need to apply present-day capabilities that include elegant television display set so far and depends upon the attempted and examined, you could scarcely carry out something incorrect, including the KURO PDP-LX5090H. Each of the features that it could provide those efforts superbly, and in addition its image first-rate along with its shade quality are pleasurable.

Despite that, though the wide variety appertaining to those attachments, including some other opinions, it might no longer coincide towards the modern-day present-day, following tons extra compare to a half-century subsequently its float, there are some objects those are nevertheless warmth the common people.

The image copying appertaining to the Pioneer KURO Plasma PDP-LX5090H is likewise whetted and exact. Similarly, the audio could be beyond irregularity, follow and conserve, including the fantastic high-class image enjoyable.

Still and all, the interchange rhythm might be relatively stubby and bring about a prominent median withdrawal referring to one and a half seconds. The identical appeal toward the stance shield with the lacquer that appeared toward becoming unduly touchy is possessing to be tied up under consideration ahead of time.

The Japanese Pioneer Kuro is known as “black.” Therefore, you could perceive for what cause or reason “Kuro” isn’t only an instance coloration conducive to the fifty-inch television display set.

Pros And Cons of Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090

Pioneer Kuro 1


  • Stabilize reverberate or audio sound
  • Three high-density multichip interconnect (HDMI) data.
  • A universal serial bus (USB) entrepot conducive to picture replay.
  • An outstanding picture high resolution including delicate black shade.
  • Awe-inspiring fashion popularity directed toward revenue agent although nicely inside the 2020s.


  • Sluggish software replaces including Digital Video Broadcasting — Terrestrial (DVB-T).
  • It is a grey-haired “Voiceless” television. If you are toward greater interpretation and elegant television display set, now it’s beat towards the proceeding.

Features & Functions of Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090

Normally, the Pioneer Kuro displays cognate wire packages in addition to virtual conduits through a feeler Digital Video Broadcasting — Terrestrial (DVB-T). Unique function: As conducive to a cassette tape originating at a virtual television display set, you could choose ten conglomeration applications (timekeeper). Appearing in the apparent rhythm, the Pioneer would outturn this system towards cordless entrepot two and three beyond transforming at the display screen. So to get identical cassette tape documentation, affix a Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) VCR conducive to an instance.

The KURO PDP-LX5090H, including comprehensive High-Definition (HD), possesses three cordless entrepots. Besides embraced, there are three instances of high-density multichip interconnect (HDMI) and the USB connection that get right of entry. Further, the gadget is then Digital Video Broadcasting — Terrestrial (DVB-T) consistent. The vitality demand is referring to a good deal-applaud television display set that is delineated as virtually relevant. The producer additionally guarantees a dry-wit shade enjoyment with a splendid black cost. Again, it is so predominant that the Pioneer Kuro television display set possesses an included Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) recipient.

The Pioneer Kuro is prepared as we spell out at a higher place, including plenty of attachments. Three cordless entrepots along with a lot of HDMI entrepots are conducive enough to top domestic auditoriums. The Pioneer Kuro possesses bail-out attachments available originating at the forepart: the gadget aspect gives the handiest a single audiovisual recording or video put-in Fixed Base Aft Station (FBAS). The superior inoperable-audiovisual or HDMI attachments are far lacking. You direct up a television camera conducive to well-organized image high resolution towards a cordless entrepot or HDMI enter at the back end console.

In quick succession, utilizing a universal serial bus (USB) reminiscence drive or USB wire camcorder for sharing different pictures appearing in a glance originating at the digicam. The Pioneer Kuro possesses a USB holder functioning towards the left-hand boundary. Select belonging to seven paces conducive to a computerized slither manifest.

Including the ninth widescreen television engendering, the Pioneer Kuro asserts toward possessing traversed obstacles once contemplate impossible: the latest brand of KURO smooth-display screen televisions are to show outright and solid black conducive to the initial rhythm. Again, including the ideal black stages are snapshots that beam through outwardly first-class information, extra divergence, and substantial extra bright colorations in the huge High-Definition (HD) shade range.

Pioneer Kuro Picture and Sound Quality: In Details

Pioneer Kuro 3

Picture Quality: Black And Rich

The wire-based television regarded a chunk boisterous upon the PDP-LX5090. You ought to no longer stand down extra compare to thirteen feet (four meters) wide in the forefront part, referring to the vast display screen in any other case, and the shingle is merely much infuriating. But, including a hundred-and-twenty-seven-centimeter sloped display, an equaling bench placing is really useful besides. To comply with the motion in different circumstances, you may possess toward revolving the forefront left-hand side and the right-hand side, as inside the first up line inside the movie theater.

Including the virtual applications, the image boisterous changed in the direction of through to substantially underneath. But, the photo normally becomes a bit obscure while looking at television as riffling through contents, as an instance, originating at an information spotter, quavering.

A small television display set copies black like cavernous and darkish because of the Pioneer but endures to be wealthy in element. It fabricates still unilluminated sites that seem very much vibrant. Moreover, the shades are regarded as unpretentious. However, there has been an obscure hint referring to gesture.

Again, comparing to a standard television display set, high-definition television (HDTV) alerts conduct greater intensity along with the feature to this sort of vast display screen. Including these HDTV alerts, the image at the PDP-LX5090 comes about still extra bright. The camcorder pot confirmed the gadget all but twitched off duty.

In today’s television globe, black shade is truly a lot of things as an extra black shade method the top-class photograph resolution! Again, blacken shade is exceedingly essential and conducive to the complete shade range. At most yawning, an instinctive blacken shade produces spontaneous, fantastic shadings and frangible whetted information.

The design and utilizing pressure in the back appertaining to our KURO plain displays’ improvement possess toward fabricating the deepest black display screen conceivably and, consequently, constructing a monitor display screen including the exceptional photograph resolution within the globe.

Innumerable movie administrators utilize very fine-drawn or severe shade modifications toward setting off positive emotions within the spectators. The widescreen televisions proceeding from the ninth era could presently copy no longer simplest the fathomless black yet additionally the portable shade usage and immediately contrivance the objectives appertaining towards the movie maker. Shading is an unblended feeling that includes the Pioneer Kuro and Pioneer widescreen display television by and large because the primary rhythm approaches uncontaminated toward the dwelling space.

Pioneer Kuro Sound Quality

During the evaluation, the gadget becomes provided, including an amplifying device underneath the display screen—the reverberate or audio sound: stabilized and comprehensible.

The Pioneer PDP-LX5090’s so far acceptable to reverberate, or audio sound may be additionally improved, including a speaker system appearing in the proper output signal.

The Pioneer Kuro too attaches the latest sound brand towards the HD television enjoyment, including the brand new widescreen television display screen: every KURO audiovisual recording or video layout is mechanically allocated isolated audio mounting along with “high-powered,” “widespread,” “film,” “sporting event,” or “entertainment.”

Every ninth technology, the widescreen television display screen, attributes a mechanical quantity equilibrated that enhances and systematized the capacity stage while diverting in the middle of the initiatives and outside gadgets. Again, conducive to the great feasible mounting and replay appertaining to the knee-high, average side-by-side, inflated auditory prevalence, the KURO gadgets utilize the new software requirements specification high definition “SRS WOW HD” generation. The consequence: the auditory sound enjoyment is yet a greater special appreciation to an especially clean and unique duplicate.

By way of a smart mixture appertaining to photograph along with acoustic sound, the KURO ninth-era widescreen televisions provide the most contemplating enjoyment always: inside the brand new “flawless excellent technique,” photograph and acoustic audio are instinctively perfect go with toward every different. At the same time, the latest brand generation evaluates the contemporary application of gratified material along with the illumination situations within the space.

Subsequently, the television display screen flawlessly modifies the photograph and acoustic audio mounting towards engendering the first-class feasible television enjoyment conducive to each movie and television tranquil. It fabricates feasibly conducive to the primary rhythm that no longer best movies are copied accurately because the administrator bangs them – Sporting event activities pronounce additionally look like the watcher itself is status at the modulation. However, the newscast declares could be skilled in a very advanced manner and the uncontaminated audio sound copying referring to the sound system.

The Pioneer Kuro Alternatives

Even though it won’t be utterly enormous, it is much less expensive: The Panasonic TH-46PZ85E possesses a display screen horizontal-line appertaining to a hundred and seventeen centimeters and is additionally located totally on widescreen automation. Again, in the middle of the evaluation, it exhibited excellent intensity and spontaneity, including virtual nourish.

Pioneer Kuro Operation

The licensed is a straightforward way toward an included set up useful resource. The put-out bill of fare provides map-reading support into the bargain illustrative subject matters at the solitary placing alternatives.

The far-flung authority, including a titanium exterior, fabricates a strong impact. But, the solution wants plenty appertaining to strain and are categorized as portable.

Normally, the project exchange proceeds easily in bugged television. As conducive to virtual conduits, more than two and a half seconds (approx. 2.7) progressed earlier than the subsequent project regarded. Therefore, it affirms that excessively gradual.

Bottom line

Pioneer Kuro 2

The Pioneer Kuro even exchanges the past, including the Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090: The fifty-inch widescreen television lay hold of the initial region in its dimension elegance within the catalog referring to our exceptional. But, with the integrated television recipient, the Pioneer Kuro should detach the sound.

On the contrary, the Pioneer Kuro (PDP-LX5090) conducts the films toward the entity, including its fifty-inch (approx. one hundred and twenty-seven centimeter) display screen and beams in blackening shade. The wire appeared a touch boisterous, including the virtual applications, the image sound possesses considerably decrease. But, the image changed into a piece obscure while seeing television in preferred. The Pioneer Kuro possesses specifically victorious in black replica. Again, including high-definition television (HDTV) alerts, the images inside the PDP-LX5090 gazed yet extra vibrant. The Pioneer Kuro manifested nearly tweak-unfastened actions. In addition to HD television indicators, the image within the “PDP-LX5090” becomes true greater evocative. You could watch each color in the middle of the black and unpigmented or white shade on a KURO television display screen – together with the delicate, maximum tremendous shades.

It’s far smooth in addition to a beautiful intensity appertaining to ninety-three millimeters as it possesses an integrated virtual High Definition Digital Video Broadcasting — Terrestrial (HD DVB-T) and space capsule television conducive to the radio-receiver. Again, it’s far from Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) nonconflicting and attaching towards the enjoyment interconnection through Local Area Network (LAN) or Ethernet. It additionally attributes the latest audio/video (AV) most practical technique enhancement purpose that mechanically modifies brilliancy, intensity, shade waterlogged, and sound mounting towards the illumination ambiances inside the space along with the cutting-edge application.


  • Stabilized reverberate or audio sound.
  • Three high-density multichip interconnect (HDMI) data.
  • A universal serial bus (USB) entrepot conducive to picture replay.


  • 1. Sluggish software replaces including Digital Video Broadcasting — Terrestrial (DVB-T).

Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090 Specifications:

Screen diagonal50 inch / 127 cm
Screen technologyPlasma
Digital DVB-T TunerPDP-LX5090H
Digital Teletext (MHEG 5)yes
Digital Satellite TunerPDP-LX5090H
LNB controlDiSEqC1.0
Automatic channel storageyes
Receiving systemPAL BG/I/DK, SECAM BG/DK/L/L
Number of storable channels99
OSD (On-Screen Display)19 languages: Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian, and Dutch
Remote controlPreprogrammed (TV, VCR, STB, DVD, DVR, BD)
i/o Link. Ayes
SR +yes
Ambient light sensoryes
Power Management (for PC)yes
Component video (YUV)1
AV input1 (lateral)
Audio output1
USB port1 (USB 2.0 / lateral)
Headphones1 (lateral)
Subwoofer output1
CI slot2
SR control On/Off1
Antenna connection Terrestrial tuner1
Antenna connection Satellite tuner1
Other dataPDP-LX5090H
Power supplyAC220 – 240V, 50/60Hz
Main featuresPDP-LX5090H
Full HD (HD Ready 1080p)yes
HD Digital Film Direct 24yes
Number of pixels1.920 x 1.080
TV tunerIntegrated digital DVB-T, DVB-S/S2, and analogue tuner
CI slotyes
LoudspeakersHigh-quality side and base loudspeakers available as accessories
Inlets3 x HDMI, 1 x component video, 1 x Cinch-AV, 3 x Euro-SCART, 2 x CI slot, 1 x PC input, 1 x USB connection , 1 x Ethernet
Exits1 x optical, 1 x cinch audio, 1 x headphones, 1 x subwoofer output
Home Media Galleryyes
Multi-picture playback (PiP/PaP)yes
Electronic Program Guideyes
Display dimensions (W x H x D)1.233 x 723 x 93 mm
Weight (Display)33,9 kg
Power consumption display (operation/standby)438 W / 0.3 W
Ultra Black Displayyes
Signal Processing Drive 2HD (2nd generation)yes
Direct Colour Filter 3+yes
The deep wafer rib structureyes
i-CLEAR Driveyes
Dynamic HD converteryes
PAL 3D Y/C separationyes
Active Dynamic Range Expander (DRE)yes
Intelligent modeyes
Color temperature adjustmentyes
Color managementyes
Digital CTI (Improved color display)yes
Digital Flicker Freeyes
3D Noise Reductionyes
Block noise suppressionyes
Mosquito noise reductionyes
Analog Tuner Noise Reductionyes
Pure Cinemayes
Divisible screenyes
Picture-in-picture displayyes
AV selection (programmed image)yes
Video signalsPAL, SECAM, NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43. PAL60, HD
PC signalsVGA, SVGA, XGA, Wide XGA, SXGA
Audio output power18 W + 18 W (1 kHz, 10%, 6Ω)
Sound adjustmentyes
Automatic volume controlyes
Sound modesSRS WOW HD, SRS (Surround), SRS FOCUS (Audio Alignment), SRS TruBass (Bass Boost), SRS Definition
Digital DVB-T TunerPDP-LX5090H
DVB-T compatibleyes
ModulationCOFDM (2k / 8k)
Video decodingMPEG2 MP@ML, MPEG2 MP@HL, MPEG4 AVC
Audio decodingMPEG1 Layer 1&2, AC-3, Enhanced AC-3, HE-AAC
Number of storable channels999
Digital Satellite TunerPDP-LX5090H
Preset channels5000
Teletext image and text (divisible screen)yes
Power saving mode (for AV and PC)yes
Optical digital output1

Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090 Equipment and Technical data:

Functions of PDP-LX5090 along with PDP-LX6090.

  1. “High-Definition (HD) organized 1080 pixel” (Completely HD).
  2. Most solitary 9.4 cm yawning – a depletion appertaining to virtually 20 %.
  3. Far-flung dominance, including the appearance and experience referring to the Pioneer audio/video (AV) radius.
  4. Editing conducive to “ISF C3” normalization toward altering television mounting.
  5. Uncomplicated attachment alternatives towards present audio/video gadgets.
  6. Digital Video Broadcasting — Terrestrial (DVB-T) and space capsule radio-receiver including European Information Communications and Consumer Electronics Industry Technology Association (EICTA) “HD Television 1080 pixel” and Moving Pictures Expert Group 4 (MPEG-4) HD decipher.
  7. The entire consumer communication in the KURO layout.
  8. A “domestic forum museum” in keeping with virtual living network Alliance (DLNA) preferred.

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Sound Bar Installation
  • Mounting 1 customer-supplied sound bar to drywall. Mount can be provided
  • Connecting customer-supplied sound bar to 1-3 devices.
  • Cord concealment within provider-supplied cover (approx. 3 ft), connect TV to power source and up to 2 exterior devices. Does not include concealment behind walls
  • Removal of packaging materials to customer's bin
  • Products requiring additional work may result in an updated estimate from provider
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  • Supports HDMI ARC - Sends audio directly from the HDMI jack to a compatible soundbar or AV receiver, removing the need for an extra cable.


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