Ring Doorbell Without Subscription: Is It Worth It?

It’s hard to find a better video doorbell than the Ring video doorbell when looking for a new one to replace your old one!

They’re made by Ring, a well-known name in the home security industry.

However, one pressing issue arises while buying the doorbell: should you purchase a Ring Protect Plan subscription?

Is it worth it to buy the ring doorbell without subscribing?

Ring Protect is a paid membership service. Without it, you won’t be able to see the previous videos from your doorbell or save or share recordings with others.

Without a membership, there are some limits, and the Ring Protect plans have certain benefits.

If you’re unsure about whether or not you need Ring Protect, keep reading to find out more.

What Can I Do Without a Subscription?

In order to fully use the features of certain Ring devices, membership is not required.

In the case of the Ring smart lightbulb, it is possible to use all of its functions regardless of whether or not you subscribe to the service.

A ring video doorbell that is not connected to a subscription is not rendered inoperable.

Despite this, you may still make use of the video doorbell’s essential functions.

Real-Time View of Your Doorstep

Anyone can see what’s going on at your front door in real-time, no matter where you are.

You may also talk to anyone who is at the door, thanks to the two-way audio.

Motion Detection Alerts

A notification is sent to your phone or other Ring-enabled devices when someone rings your doorbell, or the camera detects movement.

After then, it’s just a matter of clicking on ‘Live-View’ on your doorway to get started.

The detecting algorithm used by Ring is one of the finest currently available on the market. It can set up activity zones and prioritize notifications based on where you are in the house to make things even better.

Other video doorbells, such as the Nest doorbell, need a subscription to use this function.

For example, whether motion is detected nearer or further from the doorbell, Ring will prioritize motion-based notifications to let you know.

Google Home and Alexa Integration

Integration of your ring video doorbell with any smart speech assistant, such as Alexa, is a simple process.

Suppose you have an Amazon Echo smart speaker or an Amazon Echo Show. In that case, you can use the speaker to serve as a doorbell chime, or you can use the Echo show to broadcast the live feed from the doorbell camera whenever an alarm is received or the doorbell is pressed.

Theft Protection

If your Ring gadget is stolen, you may report the loss within 15 days of the theft to receive a free replacement.

To get this, you do not need a membership. A hardwired Ring doorbell will make it more difficult to steal.

What Can I Do With Ring Protect Plan

Ring provides two plans: Ring Protect, which costs 3 dollars per month or 30 dollars per year, and the more costly Ring Protect Plus, which costs 10 dollars per month or 100 dollars per year.

I’ll go into more depth about these ideas in a moment.

In addition to the available capabilities without a membership, you will get a slew of useful perks for the doorbell when you sign up for a subscription.

Recorded Footage

Can you record locally instead

When the doorbell rings or a motion is detected, you may manually record and download the video feed to your computer.

Loud stores this information safely and confidentially, and you may view it at any time.

You can effectively utilize your doorbell camera as a security camera, with the ability to check any video from the last 30 to 60 days, depending on where you live, by connecting it to your computer.

Without a membership, it is not possible to save the film locally. Having no way of knowing who came to your door while you are unwell or incapacitated might be a disadvantage in the event that someone comes knocking on your door when you are not there.

Video Sharing

It is quite simple to download this film to your local device, from where it may be shared with other members of your family or with the police in the event of a theft.

You have the option of saving your Ring Video to your computer.


“Camera preview” is another name for this functionality. Say, for example, that you don’t want to or don’t have the time to periodically check the live view of the scene. During such time, this functionality will come in useful.

The user’s preferences capture a screenshot every 30 seconds to 3 minutes to keep you informed about what is happening outside your door.

For those anxious about what is going on outside their door while in the midst of a meeting, this function may be of assistance.

Other Benefits From the Ring Subscription

Other Benefits From the Ring Subscription

In addition to being advantageous for your doorbell, the Ring Protect plans may be used to protect a broad range of other goods.

  • Another item that may tremendously benefit from the Ring Protect programs is the Ring Alarm System. This system is comprised of window and door sensors, motion detectors, a base station, and a keypad.
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras such as the Stick-up Cam series, the Floodlight Camera, and the more affordable Indoor Cam are all available to purchase.
  • Other tiny accessories and gadgets, such as flood/freeze sensors, a solar panel charger for the stick-up cameras, chimes, and so on, are also included.

A membership to the Protect Plus plan, which costs $10 a month, unlocks a slew of helpful features for Ring Alarm systems, the most notable of which being 24-hour monitoring and cellular backup, as well as other benefits.

Professional monitoring

The fact that the Ring Alarm with the subscription has this function makes it so immensely handy.

You would have to manually monitor the alarm if you didn’t have a subscription, which would be inconvenient if you were focused on your job at the time.

Automatic deployment of emergency services is likewise not possible with manual monitoring.

In this case, you would have to manually investigate the reason for the alarm and contact the authorities if you were awakened by an alert while you were sleeping at night.

The cheaper option, although less risky, is not always the most prudent. Suppose you and the other users of your shared account are out of the home when a burglar intrudes on your private property. You may be busy and fail to notice the alert, and by the time you take action and phone 911, it may already be too late to prevent the burglary.

With a subscription, Ring, on the other hand, will professionally monitor your alarm system via a network of monitoring centers.

In the event of an alarm being triggered, Ring will conduct the following actions.

  • After receiving a phone call from a representative from Ring support, you will be asked to enter the vocal password, which confirms your behalf.
  • The first person on your emergency list will be contacted instantly if you are unable to answer the call. This person will provide the spoken password and confirmation for the appropriate action.
  • The local law enforcement authorities will be sent to your location if you or anybody on your emergency list does not reply within a reasonable period of time.

Break-ins, burglaries, smoke, and carbon monoxide detection, floods, and freezing temperatures will all be addressed by Ring.

Therefore, purchasing a membership will save you a great deal of time and money while also ensuring that your home is safer.

Ring Subscription Plans

To summarize, Ring offers two different plans to its customers: the Ring Protect and the Ring Protect Plus.

The monthly and annual payments for each of these options are simple and involve no contractual commitments. A little discount is available on your annual plan as well.

Despite the fact that both plans include all of the previously described functions, the Ring Protect Plus plan includes a few more features that may be used for an additional fee.

  • Extra warranty- In order to extend the warranty on presently owned Ring devices that are still within the warranty’s duration, consumers must subscribe to Ring Protect Plus. As long as you keep your membership active, you will be covered by this guarantee.
  • Cellular Backup – As part of your ring alarm system’s subscription, you’ll receive cellular backup. In the event that your internet connection breaks, this will be utilized as a backup solution. Even if your WiFi goes down, Ring has a cellular backup as part of the Ring alarm system that will not fail to inform you in the event that your internet connection goes down and an alert is sent your way. A power outage or lack of WiFi access would make this very valuable.
  • When you purchase chosen Ring devices through Ring.com, you will enjoy a 10 percent discount.
  • The Ring alarm system is monitored by a professional company ( as explained above).

In order for you to evaluate and determine which plan is ideal for you, we have included an in-depth comparison between the free version and the two paid subscription options.


Are ring subscriptions worth it for you? Read on to find out.

For your ring doorbell and ring alarm systems to operate properly, you’ll need to subscribe to a ring subscription plan. According to my, the benefits that come with it outweigh any costs associated with it.

  • If you already have a Ring ecosystem, investing in Ring Protect Plus, which costs $10 per month, is a good investment. Not just your doorbell but also other Ring devices may make use of this to provide you with all of its advantages.
  • Purchasing a membership would be the best option if your area is not normally secure and you believe that the likelihood of burglary is significant. When suspicious behavior is identified at your doorbell, you may get recorded video as well as notifications through your smartphone. You may have your alarm system professionally monitored, which can alleviate your mind and make you feel safer in your house.
  • If you just want to see who is at your door or what is going on in front of your doorway and don’t care about seeing the previous videos, then a subscription may not be worth it for you at all. You might use the free version of the program.

I hope you were able to make the best decision possible after taking into consideration all of the aspects and comparing the free version with the Ring Protect and Ring Protect Plus.

Alternate doorbells, which provide you with similar services without the need for a membership, are also available.

Well, did you find this article to be of assistance? Do you think it has helped to clear up any ambiguity about the best course of action to take after acquiring your doorbell?

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