Does SimpliSafe Work with HomeKit?

I was fortunate enough a few weeks ago to be able to find a great deal on a bunch of SimpliSafe security products.

I have heard a lot about how popular and robust they are, so I decided to indulge because I am a home security nerd.

However, one question in the back of my mind was whether or not it would fit into my Apple HomeKit ecosystem that the rest of my smart home products were integrated with.

SimpliSafe uses a Homebridge device or hub to work with HomeKit. SimpliSafe gadgets, on the other hand, are not natively fully compatible with Apple HomeKit and must be integrated through Homebridge. The SimpliSafe plug-in for Homebridge makes this simple.

How to Connect SimpliSafe Gadgets to Apple’s HomeKit

Currently, the only way to get SimpliSafe accessories to show up on your Apple Home is through HOOBS.

What is Homebridge?

What is Homebridge

Homebridge essentially brings together all of the household appliances that are compatible with Apple for its consumers under one roof since not all manufacturers, like SimpliSafe, enable Homekit.

It is a solution that emulates the Apple API to connect Homekit to other (non-Homekit enabled) devices, thus acting as a ­bridge between your Homekit and SimpliSafe products.

It is an open-source software with a lightweight server that uses plug-ins to integrate products that are not directly compatible with iOS. It comfortably supports wireless, cloud, and mobile connectivity.

Homebridge on a Computer or Homebridge on a Hub for SimpliSafe -Homekit Integration

A simple way to set up Homebridge is via installation on the computer at your home.

It’s crucial to remember, though, that in order to keep your HomeKit operational at all times, you’ll need to do the following your computer will ALSO have to stay switched on for the entire day.

Not only will this be inconvenient, but it will also increase the expenditure on electricity. This is one of the different options available, all of which, however, require you to do more custom work on your own to set it up.

A way out of this 24/7 ordeal on your pocket is to buy a Homebridge hub once and for all.

A Homebridge hub is a software program that comes pre-installed with Homebridge, along with a pre-packaged hardware device. This small unit can be connected to your home network to make the HomeKit compatible with a majority of third-party software.

As opposed to wasting energy and money trying to run the set-up on the computer, Homebridge hub can integrate SimpliSafe with HomeKit with ease and minimal hassle. It’s simply a matter of putting the plug-in in place.

Connecting SimpliSafe With HomeKit Using HOOBS Hambridge Hub 

HOOBS is short for Homebridge Out of the Box System. It links the hardware and your Homekit iOS with a user-friendly interface or a server app, making the process of installing your preferred plug-ins really simple.

Instead of having to configure the plug-ins of every accessory that you want to integrate with your Homekit, you can just rely on HOOBS, which conveniently does the job for you.

Why HOOBS to Connect Simplisafe With HomeKit?

  • Not all homeowners are tech-savvy or skilled in appliance configurations, and for those who are, setting up becomes just another headache. Using HOOBS to connect SimpliSafe with HomeKit is quick and easy. In just a few minutes, your SimpliSafe products can be effortlessly integrated with Homekit.
  • HOOBS configures your plug-in for you, which takes care of the process of setting up Homebridge is the most uncomplicated way. This makes it ideal for the average homeowner.
  • It is constantly in touch with plug-in developers to make sure that all the support, turnkey additions, and updates are made available to the users on time.
  • It can be used for other products other than SimpliSafe. This list includes the likes of SmartThings, Harmony, TP-Link, and more. So if you want to stick with HomeKit for your smart home, then purchasing HOOBS is a safe, easy, reliable, and durable solution.
  • HOOBS has already proved itself capable of consolidating Security Systems with Smart Home Ecosystems. For example, it’s made Ring HomeKit integration an absolute breeze.

How to Set Up HOOBS For SimpliSafe – HomeKit Integration

This is a plug-in that uses the commonly recommended Config, UIX, to manage installation and change settings.

Step 1 – Before integrating your SimpliSafe products with Homekit, connecting your network with HOOBS is the first thing that needs to be done.

One way to do this is to use your home WiFi to set up a wireless connection with HOOBS.

Another way is to connect your router directly with the HOOBS device through an Ethernet cable. 

This does not take more than 4-5 minutes.

Step 2 – Create an account with HOOBS by going to https://hoobs.local for Mac or https://hoobs for Windows. Choose your credentials.

Step 3 – Install the SimpliSafe plug-in for HOOBS.

Step 4 – In the HOOBS [config.json], you will find an [platforms] array. Just add the following configuration, and all your sensors will automatically be loaded into HomeKit.

Alternatively, once you have installed the plug-in, follow this approach,

  • Open the Public Configuration page.
  • Fill in your SimpliSafe password and username.
  • Save changes and restart your HOOBS network.

What Can You Do With SimpliSafe-HomeKit Integration?

Upon integration, SimpliSafe will provide a wide variety of smart devices at your disposal.

This includes smart settings on your alarm, doorbell, camera, smoke detector, smart lock, among other things. It can support tamper & fault and temperature readings as well.

SimpliSafe Alarm With HomeKit

SimpliSafe, in combination with HomeKit, makes a terrific alarm. Aside from letting you easily activate or disarm your alarm, it provides modes like home, off, and away modes.

The away mode activates the motion sensors at the entry and interior.

The Home mode only activates the entry area and not the interior so that the homeowners can move freely inside without setting off the alarm.

While the off mode deactivates all the sensors except the smoke alarm and the panic button.

SimpliCam With HomeKit

What Can You Do With SimpliSafe HomeKit Integration

It is a standalone unit with features like motion detection alerts, privacy shutters, and an optional set of cloud video storage and outdoor case.

A plus point is that you will not need another cloud storage subscription if you already have their Interactive monitoring plan.

Pet-Friendly Settings For SimpliSafe Alarm

The settings can be altered according to your pets. The sensitivity is adjustable, and the device can be placed about five feet from the ground so that the pet’s movements do not trigger an alarm.

SimpliSafe itself has acknowledged the alarm will not ordinarily be triggered by pets weighing up to 50 pounds.


All in all, integrating SimpliSafe products with HomeKit was easier than I thought, thanks to a pretty sweet plug-in that can easily function within HOOBS.

While you may be saving money in the short term by going for a cheaper alternative such as running Homebridge on your computer, getting a hub will save you a lot of headache in the long run.

Not only do you save time, but you also save the energy bill and get all the support and assistance you need to keep your products running smoothly on HomeKit.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq 1 1

Is SimpliSafe easily hacked?

SimpliSafe products are not easily hacked. They are professionally designed, and the data is encrypted to prevent any such loss of data. However, it may still be possible to hack it.

What security systems work with Apple HomeKit?

Notable security systems that work with HomeKit include Abode and Honeywell Lyric.

Is SimpliSafe better than ADT?

In my opinion, SimpliSafe is better than ADT in terms of functionality and ease of use.

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