How to Watch Xfinity Comcast Stream On Apple TV?

This software, part of the Xfinity Comcast Stream service, enables you to utilize any connected device as television and stream anything you want to watch. This covers any popular television shows, films, live sports, and news broadcasts. However, since the Apple TV is my main entertainment device, I was wondering whether I would be able to stream Xfinity Comcast Stream on the Apple television.

Using the Apple TV, which I’ve integrated into my favorite smart home platform, HomeKit, I’ve designed my whole entertainment center. Since then, I’ve been able to do virtually anything on my Apple TV, from viewing programs on streaming services to conversing with strangers through my video doorbell. Because of this, whatever software or hardware I want to utilize must be compatible with Apple TV. If this is the case, I do research and attempt to discover workarounds.

In order to utilize Apple TV, whatever software or hardware I choose must be compatible with it. I will do study and attempt to discover solutions if this is not possible.

At this time, the Xfinity Stream app for Apple TV is not available for download. If you prefer to use a Web Browser, you may go into your Xfinity account and allow your Apple TV to watch channels on your Plan by entering the code into the unique URL to stream Xfinity.

Watch Xfinity Stream on Apple TV

For the time being, there is no Xfinity Comcast Stream App that is specially developed for Apple TV. On the other hand, the software is only accessible for iOS devices, such as the iPhone and iPad. However, you will no longer be able to utilize AirPlay to mirror your screen to your Apple TV.

Comcast Workaround for Watching Xfinity Comcast Stream on Apple TV

In addition to being accessible for Apple’s iOS and iPadOS, the Xfinity Stream app is also not available on Apple’s television operating system.

In addition, Xfinity prevents you from mirroring your screen from the Xfinity Stream app to the Apple television. As Xfinity customers and owners of Apple TVs, we are left with few choices since both companies are blaming one other, and neither is ready to bend at this time. However, there are still a few tricks left in the bag for us.

Suppose you know the URLs to these portals. In that case, you may still access them and activate channels on your Xfinity Subscription while using an Apple TV, despite the fact that the Authentication System in place is not accessible to the general public.

Take the following steps:

  • Access the Internet via your web browser and log into your account at the official Xfinity website.
  • Navigate to the Xfinity Subscription Plan channel on your Apple TV by pressing the X button.
  • When you attempt to sign, an activation code displays on the screen. Make a note of this code.
  • Whenever you attempt to open the channel again, you’ll see a URL at the top of your screen. Revise the URL and add your activation code in the “authenticate? reg code=” in the field “authenticate?” All of the letters in your code should be written in uppercase.
  • Once the authorization process is complete, you should be able to continue watching television as normal. It may take up to 30 seconds.

Another channel will also need authorization, which will be accomplished via the same procedure as the first one. This is now working; however, in the future, you may find that it stops working. I’ll find something else out if this doesn’t work for you.

Watching Xfinity Comcast Stream on Other Apple Devices

There are no complicated steps involved in setting up Xfinity Comcast Stream on your iPhone or iPad, but there are a few requirements.

Before attempting to install the app, you’ll need to ensure that your device is running the most recent iOS software version.

Step 1: Go to Settings

To begin with, make sure your Apple device is running iOS 11.0 or later before visiting the App Store.

Go to settings and look for the “System Upgrade” option to see whether an upgrade is available. Upgrade your device first if it isn’t already running 11.0 or a later version of the operating system.

Step 2: Open the Apple App Store 

You must first visit the Apple App Store after making certain your iOS is up to date and can handle the Xfinity Stream app.

Step 3: Search for Xfinity Comcast Stream

As soon as you’ve opened the Apple App Store, click on the search button and type in ‘Xfinity Stream’ in the search box to find the app, then find the Xfinity Stream App by scrolling through the list of available choices.

Step 4: Install and download

Click on the Xfinity Stream app after you’ve located it. After that, click on Install App to begin the installation process. By doing this, the software will be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad and installed.

Step 5: Open the app

Open the Xfinity Stream app once it has been properly downloaded and installed. Check to see whether your device is using a cellular or WiFi connection.

Step 6: Swipe right

To use the app, you must swipe from left to right once it has been launched. This will take you to the main navigation menu. Then you must choose All Channels from the Live TV drop-down menu beneath the Live TV option. 

When you’ve selected All Channels, just click on the network logo that appears on the left side of the screen, and you’re done! The station you intended to watch is now available for viewing online. Alternatively, you may choose the show that is now airing option. Then choose Watch from the drop-down menu. Watching your favorite show is as simple as following the steps listed above. If you want to learn more about a certain program, just click on the Info button.

Alternative Media Streamers and Smart TVs That Support Xfinity Comcast Stream

You may be wondering whether Xfinity Comcast Stream is available on any other Smart TVs.

Xfinity Stream is supported by several smart TVs, including FireTV, certain Samsung smart TVs, and Roku. Although the compatibility of the Xfinity Comcast Stream app with the aforementioned Smart TVs is generally satisfactory, there are a few things to bear in mind. On Roku, FireTV, and certain Samsung Smart TVs, you will need to download the Xfinity Stream Beta App to access the service.

Moreover, Sony Smart TV and LG Smart TV compatibility for this software is still a mystery.

Although this program is still in beta, there are certain features that may be familiar to you but are not available in this version, such as:

  • The event rental pay-per-view feature
  • Only Roku offers the Xfinity Remote TV program rental control function and the Xfinity On Demand movie renting option. FireTV and certain Samsung Smart TVs don’t have this feature, though.
  • YouTube, Pandora, and Netflix are all unavailable as streaming services. It is possible, however, to access them on a partner device platform if they are accessible.
  • Voicemail, Internet, and xFi are all included in the bundle for those who have Xfinity Internet on their X1 device.

How to Watch Apple TV on Xfinity?

How to Watch Apple TV on Xfinity

However, there are certain Smart TVs like Samsung and Vizio as well as gaming consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One that support the Apple TV.

The Xfinity X1 Cable Box and Xfinity Flex don’t have it. Xfinity customers will be unable to view Apple TV on their cable boxes for the time being.

How to Cast from iPhone to Xfinity TV?

How to Cast from iPhone to Xfinity TV

By default, the Xfinity X1 Cable Box and Xfinity Flex do not allow you to cast content from your iPhone to Xfinity TV. Follow these steps to activate it:

  • On your Xfinity remote, press the Xfinity button. On your Xfinity Flex, press and hold the home button.
  • Use the arrow buttons to go to the gear icon, then click OK to access Settings.
  • Go to the Privacy tab, then click OK.
  • Press OK once again to accept the changes you’ve made under Mobile Video Casting.

You can now cast Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube content from your iPhone to your Xfinity X1 or Xfinity Flex cable box. Only if both your iPhone and Cable Box are linked up through WiFi will this be possible. Note that the RNG150 and Pace XG1v1 X1 TV Boxes do not allow casting anything.


Unfortunately, there is no Xfinity Comcast Stream app for Apple TV. This software may be used on iPhones and iPads running iOS 11.0 or later. In the meantime, you may allow your Apple TV to view the channels included in your Xfinity Subscription by logging in through a Web Browser. Despite the fact that you won’t have to log in each time you visit the channel, your permission may expire every two weeks, in which case you’ll have to start the process all again. The Xfinity Stream app may be used on Android devices running version 5 or above.

Consequently, I would suggest buying a Roku for those who want Xfinity Comcast but are open to using it on any platform. It’s a good value for the money at $35. Note that the RNG150 and Pace XG1v1 X1 TV Boxes do not allow casting anything.

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