How To Access Super Alexa Mode In Seconds?

The majority of us have used Alexa for various tasks, from research to making lighthearted jokes. But Alexa also includes many hidden features that can be unlocked by saying the appropriate words.

So a few months ago, a delightful Easter egg was unearthed that vintage players would love and identify. Activating this mode made me feel like Super Alexa.

Simply use the following voice command to enable the Super Alexa Mode on your device’s virtual assistant: “Alexa up up up up down down down down down down down down left right left right left right B A start.”

Check out super Alexa mode, shall we?

What is Super Alexa Mode?

Amazon’s reaction to gamers who asked Alexa to play Konami code was to introduce Super Alexa mode.

Using Alexa’s “Super Alexa Mode” isn’t harmful. It has no effect. The original Konami code’s creator, Kazuhisa Hashimoto, was honored in this way.

In order to arouse fond memories of bygone video gaming eras and deceive players into believing they’d uncovered something extraordinary, it was created as an inside joke.

Please note that this feature is only available on Echo, Fire tablets, Echo Show, and Echo Dot speakers. In addition, the Alexa app, which is accessible in the Google Play and Apple App Stores, is compatible with the Alexa Skill.

How to Access Super Alexa Mode?

How to Access Super Alexa Mode

“Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start” are the voice commands needed to activate Super Alexa Mode.

You should keep in mind that Alexa only responds to the same code.

As soon as possible The following is Alexa’s answer when she receives the command:

“Alexa, go to a supermodel.” Getting Reactors up and running. Advanced systems may now be made available online. Raising of dongers. Error. There are no Dongers. Aborting.”

Then everything is still. According to the answer, Super Alexa Mode cannot be used completely until the missing dongers are found, which is a joke among gamers.

To activate a cheat code in certain video games, you must press the buttons on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller in a specific sequence, which is explained in the accompanying voice instruction. No particular game or meme is mentioned in the answer from Alexa.

Where Did the Super Alexa Code come from?

In the 1980s, well-known Konami game creator Kazuhisa Hashimoto Konami created fun cheat codes for video games. During Gradius’ NES testing, Hashimoto built this code to allow his team to begin the game with all of the game’s upgrades activated and ready to use. In order to make the testing process simpler, the programming allowed you to avoid adversaries and obstacles.

The code was left in by Hashimoto, who subsequently claimed that he had forgotten to delete it and never meant for players to access it.

After uncovering the code, however, players could play the game at a more leisurely pace, making Gradius more accessible to a wider range of gamers.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Contra series of video games were among the many titles that utilized the code.

What Can You Do with Super Alexa Mode?

What Can You Do with Super Alexa Mode

It’s simply a pleasant thing to do. Using this mode of Alexa accomplishes nothing beneficial. It does not change or enhance any of the current settings in any way. Thus, it does not need to be deactivated.

There are more easter eggs if you know where to look.

Alexa provides a plethora of amusing Easter eggs in response to questions like these. It’s all about cheering you up and establishing a friendship with Alexa, the virtual assistant. So, give these codes ago; I guarantee they’ll make your day a little brighter.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Alexa’s self-destruct code?

“Alexa, Code Zero Zero Zero Zero Destruct Zero,” you may tell her.
Star Trek III’s Captain Kirk employed a self-destruct code similar to this one. A ship explosion sound will be heard while Alexa counts down from 1 to 10.

How do I turn off Super Alexa mode?

Since it is only an Easter egg and not a true mode, you don’t need to turn it off or disable the Super Alexa mode.

Can Alexa say bad words?

Regarding family-friendly voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, foul language and obscenity cannot be tolerated. Despite this, you may still command Alexa to swear at will.

Can Alexa drop in silently?

Alexa does not appear anywhere. Instead, you’ll see a green pulse on your Echo device before the connection is made automatically.

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