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It’s not enough to sustain a 100-inch projection screen with drywall on the wall or ceiling. To install drywall from the ceiling joists, you must hook or bolt the screen support or mount it.

If you’re mounting your screen to the wall, make sure you choose a spot where it will have enough support—interested in learning more about how to install a screen on drywall? Read on. Find out by continuing to read.

How to Mount a Fixed Projector Screen on Drywall?

A ceiling mount or a wall mount is required for drywall projector screen installation. The drywall in neither case is strong enough to hold the screws and hooks. Your floorboards or the solid wood that supports your ceiling or ceiling must be placed on them.

Also, predrilling is required to make it simpler to install anchors or anchors in the joists rather than drilling them straight into the joists. Drilling must be done gradually and methodically.

Install Projector Screen Media Room

The projector screen should not be placed above a window since it will get direct sunlight. The surrounding environment drains the illumination from your projector. Curtains should always be used in conjunction with a screen. Use them as drapes, not as blinds. In contrast to conventional blinds, sunlight may harm screen material.

As previously said, a dark room is ideal for projectors to generate their finest pictures. Even in the shadows, the weakest light shines brightest, whereas stronger ambient lights tend to drown out projector light until they reach 3,000 ANSI lumens in brightness.

Place your display and projector where you can adjust the quantity of ambient light using light fixtures, strobe lights, and curtains.

Wall Mount or Ceiling Mount?

Adding a ceiling or wall installation for your projector screen might help you get the most out of your home theater or entertainment setup. Having stated that, which horse should you choose for your next adventure?

Whereas ceiling installation makes the most sense for rooms with a lot of furniture and narrow aisles, wall attachment is the greatest choice for areas with plenty of open space. In contrast to picture frames that you hang on your wall, fixed screens are heavier and are meant to be wall-mounted.

Place the screen in a location where your projector may be easily positioned. It should be situated according to the kind of projector you’re using. 

Create Template for Marking Predrill Holes

Aim for 112-inches of clearance on each side of a screen with any thin window trims or picture frames below the screen.

To designate predrill holes, use a wooden board to make a template. This is due to the fact that a conventional 60-pound fixed projector screen is used. With the template, screen installation becomes considerably more accurate and straightforward.

Using the template, you can be certain that the predrilled screw holes are all equally spaced apart. If you want to extend the screen beyond the windows trim or wall art, make sure they are appropriately spaced out from the wall.

Predrill the Holes

Boring through thick drywall necessitates the use of a 3/16 drill bit. Predrilling has two purposes: first, it ensures correct screw installation, and second, it makes actual screw placement more convenient. It’ll also let you know whether you’re going to run into a stud in the ceiling or not.

Fold a curved metal hanger to see if it can help you figure out whether you’re hitting a joist or not. This may be used to poke into the holes that have already been drilled. To see where the drill is going and whether or not it is striking the joist, use this method.

Hitting the Studs

It would be best if you always struck the studs or the joist when installing anything heavy, like a projector screen. Use anchor bolts if you can’t find any studs. Cross braces are another option, but they require that you have access to the joists via your attic.

To construct the cross-brace, cut a 24 board perpendicular to the joists, behind the insulation, and in the predrilled holes. The board should behave like a joist once it is installed.

They provide a stable foundation for mounting your screen, so you don’t have to worry about the drywall below cracking under its weight. It’s a good place to hook and secure your screen while also evenly dispersing its weight of it.

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Raise and Install the Screen

Installing the hefty screen will be easier with the help of a second pair of hands. Underneath each pair of predrilled holes, place three- or two-step ladders or stools. After that, you and your companion should raise the screen to the top of the room.

To begin, drill a hole from one side of the slide and screw it in place. Don’t overtighten the screws. Attach the opposite end of something like the screen and tighten the screws, but do not tighten them all the way. Tighten the screws on both sides alternately.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to see through the attachment to the ceiling. Never tighten the screws all the way.

Raise and Install the Projector Screen

Using the rope or cord that came with your screen, attach the handle to the screen. As a result, it’s much easier to get to the projector screen’s handle.

You may also add a hook to the straightened metal hanger’s end to keep the string from hanging in front of your doorway or something similar. You may now freely expand the reach of your handle.

Last but not least, make sure your projector screen is parallel to your projector, and you’re good to go! All systems go at this point in the game.


Drilling heavy-duty drywall anchors into a strong joist when mounting a projection screen is recommended. It’s also a good idea to predrill the drywall and joists to simplify the installation process later.

It’s worth it, though, due to projector displays’ superior home movie and gaming experiences. Don’t forget to put your computer in a place where it can be seen from your current seats and sofas, whether at home or work.

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