How do I print 4×6 photos from my iPhone?

Your recent birthday meal was a fun. You and your closest pals ate the finest steak in town and drank far too much wine. That which is most commendable? You used your iPhone to document all of these special occasions. However, how do you go about it? The print 4×6 photos from iPhone?

We’ll go through printing procedures in the section that follows. 4×6 photos printing pictures from an iPhone, the best iPhone photo printing applications, and other relevant topics are discussed here.

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How to print 4×6 photos from iPhone?

You can print anything from your iPhone to a printer that supports AirPrint.

You’ll be able to print 4×6 iPhone photos two ways: on your own (using AirPrint and your AirPrint) and with the assistance of others – or Apple Print-enabled printer) or by using printing-related applications or services. Follow these instructions if you’d rather do things yourself.

  1. Use a printer that supports AirPrint, such as this one. wireless Brother printer, scanner, and copier in one. Alternatively, you may use this wireless Victure photo printer It includes 40 complimentary picture sheets as part of the package. You can check here you can use AirPrint to print to your printer if it has it.
  2. Afterwards, launch the app containing the images you want to print (ex. Your Photos app).
  3. To print anything from the app, go to the sharing menu and choose “print.”
  4. Select the “Select Printer” option from the drop-down list. The next step is to choose an AirPrint-enabled printer device.
  5. Affect variables like the quantity of copies and pages printed.
  6. Click “Print” after you’re done making sure everything is set up correctly.
  7. When you use the Print Center app, your pictures will appear in the Print Order item section.
  8. To stop printing, touch on the Print Order item and release your finger from the screen. The Print Summary will be shown as a result of clicking on this link.
  9. The “Cancel” button may be found at the very bottom of the page. To make a retraction, go here.

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By the way, what is AirPrint? 

By the way what is AirPrint

To print pictures from your iPhone applications, just use AirPrint.

AirPrint, Apple’s wireless printing technology, was launched in 2010 and enables users to print pictures from their iPads and iPhones. You may “speak” to other devices using this technology on your iPhone or iPad to a photo printer all of this can be accomplished without the need of a laptop at all. Printing pictures from Safari, Mail, and iBooks is possible with AirPrint as well as other applications such as Photos and the Mail app.

You can print pictures from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using Airprint, which works with any computer running Windows, macOS, or Linux. Regardless of whether you’re connected through WiFi or Ethernet, AirPrint works just as well. AirPrint doesn’t need any additional software or drivers. People and businesses may use AirPrint to connect to printers using third-party solutions like Netgear Genie and Printopia Pro.

Apps that can help you print photos from iPhone 

In the meanwhile, what should you do if you don’t have a printer or if your printer is not AirPrint-capable? Without having to buy a new printer, you can fix the problem. Here are a couple of applications for printing pictures from your iPhone.


Shutterfly offers free photo printing and sharing.

Shutterfly with its limitless printing and storage comes out on top. As a result, you have full freedom to print as many pictures as you want. Photos up to 44 and 46 are free, but anything larger than that costs $0.79 each. You can receive a free 66 picture book from Shutterfly each month. Shutterfly’s quality is highly regarded among its customers. The Shutterfly app for iPhone is completely free to use.

Free prints

Nothing to subscribe to. There aren’t any obligations. ™| Photo

Another well-liked app, Free prints, provide you with printed pictures right at your doorway. The number of 46 pictures you may print from your iPhone or iPad for free each month is 85 with Free prints. Starting at $1.99, you’ll be charged for handling and delivery. Extra 46 pictures and Photo resizing up to 2030 are also possible with such a budget. You have the option of matte or glossy paper for the final product. iPhone users love Free prints because it allows them to print pictures from their social network accounts easily..

Print Studio

“Put your heart and soul into your work!”| Source

Because it has received so many honors, such as being recognized on the Software Store’s “App of the Day,” it’s no surprise that Print Studio is a fun printing app. Print Studio for your iPhone lets you print almost anything, from large-format posters to rip-away calendars. It’s also not that difficult to print off pictures. Please select a print product, add your pictures to their app, and wait for your prints to come in the mail.


Snapfish is the perfect tool for preserving your precious moments. | Photo

Snapfish is another agile printing software worth your time. Snapfish lets you purchase up to 100 46 pictures each month. Photos from social media, iCloud, and the Photos app may all be uploaded to their app. Using their college and album layouts, you can then mix and combine them. Plus, you have the option to purchase pictures in a range of sizes, from wallet-sized images to 2030-inch canvases. Right now, the Snapfish app is compatible with the most recent version of iOS 13 as well as Apple Pay.


Make a photo album of your favorite moments. | Photo

Printastic named one of the “Best New Apps of 2015,” provides personalized picture albums to delighted families who want to save precious moments. It’s easy for anybody to create photo collages and picture books by importing images from social media, a dropbox, or their local hard drive. Especially these books feature beautiful hardcovers with up to 200 pages. Printastic also offers global shipping for its printed goods. 

Related questions about printing photos from iPhone

Don’t waste paper on pixelated, low-resolution prints!

What to do if iPhone photos are not sent to the printer?

What to do if iPhone photos are not sent to the printer

To begin, reactivate your printer. To print wirelessly, you must turn on the printer’s WiFi button. Next, check whether your WiFi is operational. One WiFi connection should be used by both your iPhone and your AirPrint-enabled printer. In addition, a few AirPrint printers ask you to enable the AirPrint feature in the printer’s Setup menu. As a result, make certain it’s turned on as well. If something isn’t functioning properly, consult the handbook or make a phone call to the vendor.

What is the best size to send photos by email on the iPhone?

What happens after you send them is what matters. Use resizing applications or your mail app’s built-in scaling capabilities if you’re sending them as a reference only. We suggest sending pictures at their maximum quality if you’re submitting them to be printed—anything above 1000 pixels will suffice. 

How to send iPhone photos with high resolution?

Most of the time, sending high-resolution pictures from your iPhone through email will result in the images being shrunk to 800×600 pixels. This may be solved by simply copying and pasting your picture into the email’s body area. So long as you do this, the issue will remain unresolved. More than 1000 pixel pictures may now be sent.

The key to printing high-quality iPhone photos

Pixels are everything!

Are you interested in having your pictures printed at a high level of quality? Just keep in mind one critical detail: pixels. The more pixels in your picture, the larger the print size you can get away with while maintaining excellent quality.

However, if your picture just contains a few pixels, you won’t be able to print in a large format. Alternatively, you’ll get a pixelated, hideous picture as a consequence. That’s something you don’t want, do you? Keep in mind that the more pixels your picture contains, the better quality it will be. Simple, right?

In addition, for better-looking printed photographs, experts recommend keeping the original photo size and not cropping it.

Creative iPhone photo project ideas

Knowing how to print iPhone pictures gives you the knowledge and confidence to experiment with your iPhone and try out a few of these fun photo projects. Whatever the case may be, who knows? Maybe you’ll end up with a wall full of beautifully framed photos in your home or apartment. 

A to Z photo book. 

Do you believe that millennials and members of Generation Z are spending too much time on their phones?

Take a picture of each letter of the alphabet every day for a year. Just as long as your topic can convey the meaning of the letter represented, you are free to use them as your subject. If you want to spice things up, you may go with a seasonal, simple, or even monochromatic theme. After that, you’ll be able to put them all together in one convenient location. 4×6 photo album.

Extra-large capacity family wedding picture albums hold a lot of photos and are perfect for large families.

Black Pages RECUTMS Photo Albums 4×6 Capable of Holding 600 Photos ZZKOKO Photo Album 4×6, 800 photos Large Baby Kids Family Photo Albums, 5 per page Blue Album… Large Capacity Leather Cover Wedding Family…

365 project. With a twist. 

  1. Make your traditional 365-day endeavor a little less traditional.

The age-old yet still challenging picture assignment! You should be able to shoot artistic or expressive pictures every day in a year, once again. Each image must have a narrative behind it. This idea may seem straightforward, yet it has become cliched over time. What’s the harm in adding a wrinkle? Creating a hidden theme allows you to provide prizes to anyone who can correctly identify the topic from the first 10 pictures posted.

Objects of the night. 

Take notes on the fascinating tales that you hear over the course of the evening.

You’re sick of taking boring photos in the daylight? It is possible to snap a large number of pictures of fascinating things you see in the dark. Only inanimate objects should convey a story in the picture, not humans. Try writing a short narrative to go along with the picture if you’re up for the challenge. But don’t forget to carry your iPhone’s clip-on flashlight with you. If you don’t already have one, this is a good option—universal clip-on spotlight by iTech.


Printing pictures isn’t difficult since we can submit them to social media. You may print photos from your iOS device using AirPrint and the previously mentioned excellent picture printing applications. 4×6 photos from iPhone. You may save physical mementos of happy times in your life.

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